Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Can I just tell you how great my daughter is? This is a fantastic time in her life. Her tantrums have been few and far between the last couple of weeks, mostly due to the fact that her vocabulary is EXPLODING. Rory is really getting the idea of explaining what she wants/needs versus throwing a huge fit...most of time time. ;) Is there anything neater than listening to a 22 month old speak? I really don't think so.

Some gems out of Rory's mouth recently...

Yesterday morning, she was eating some "Dora Yog" (yogurt) at her table and she knocked over a chair by accident. It's a little folding chair with pictures of Toy Story characters on it. Rory immediately jumps up and says "Oh no! Are you okay Buzz? Buzz are you okay? Is there a boo boo?"

I almost peed myself with laughter. She was determined to make sure Buzz (a 2 inch picture of Buzz, mind you) was okay. Precious!

Later in the morning, we were folding laundry and watching Dora. Rory looks at the screen and shouts HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORA! because there was a cake on the screen. Ha!

Rory is loving saying my dancers name. Any of them, all of them. She is constantly saying Marcie, Kaari, Tabi, Syd, Jord, etc. All day, every day she asks for her friends. :)

She also LOVES to get in "fights" with her Daddy about who's car we're in. If he says they are in Daddy's car, she never fails to fire back "No Mama's car!" They tease each other mercilessly and they both love it.

You really should have a (almost) 2 year old in your life. It really keeps things interesting! :)


Neely said...

She seems like she has the cutest personality! Thank you for what you said about me a few posts ago...it really made my day :)

Kelly said...

Awww, such funny stories!! And what an adorable picture of her in the hat, kinda sassy :-) No but srrsly, was Buzz okay??? ;-)