Saturday, December 4, 2010

Calling all Colic/Reflux Mommies...

Okay, here's the deal. Trace is NOT diagnosed with either colic or reflux issues. He currently has an ear infection, which is complicating his digestion issues. We can't get an accurate diagnosis (just fussy, lactose intolerant, colic, acid reflux, etc) until his ears clear up and we can get a good grasp on just how bad the gas issues are. I'm not nearly as overwhelmed now with the whole situation. It doesn't feel as desperate and scary, knowing that we will figure it out. Yes, I know there's not much we can do, especially if he is indeed colic, but identifying the problem and knowing that it will pass is so comforting.

I'm looking for suggestions on gear that helped out other babies, colic or not, settle down. Trace doesn't like his crib at nap time. He does great in there at night, but not during naps. Fine, he'll sleep in there for his naps eventually but for right now it's much more important that he SLEEP and settle down, let his belly relax and give himself (and me!) a little break.

Any suggestions on comfy bouncers or cradles? We have a swing, which he likes okay. We have a bouncy chair but it's not very cozy, certainly not for sleeping for an entire nap in.

I'm also looking for any and all tips on settling down a colic baby. (Even if he isn't "technically" colic, he is certainly presenting all the symptoms!) I know there's no medicine or cure for colic, but there are techniques and that's what I need to learn about!

Help a (tired, worn out, headache-d) Mom out!


Lacey said...

No real rocker suggestions - but there is this thing out there called the "Nap Nanny" that looks interesting and is supposed to help with colicky babies because it keeps them at pretty steep angle.
Google "Happiest Baby On the Block" or "The 5 S's". (they are essentially the same thing). I can't remember the doctors name but basically the 5 Ss are Swaddle, Sway, Shhh, Side and Suck. This helped a ton with my oldes. With my youngest we used gripe water (Colic Calm) and it really helped for awhile. I have SO been there and really hope that you are able to get it figured out. Both of my boys eventually ended up on Zantac at 2 months which was what really helped them turn the corner. Hugs!

Genelle said...

I was going to suggest the 5 S's and also the gripe water. They both worked really well for E when he was small. The 5 S's didn't work well for us until we started to REALLY sway E. We were doing little rocks back and forth and one day I just started having fun with it and swaying him back and forth from one side of my body to the other in wide, fast swoops and THAT'S what finally did it. We also did a lot of baby wearing to keep him close to me and in the upright position, but it let me hands and arms free so that I could get stuff done around the house. It sounds like Trace has a worse case of colic than E had. So sorry you are going through this! It's hard, but it doesn't last forever. E stopped around 4 months. Hugs!