Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas and an Epic Fail

Christmas is seriously 6 days away? What?! How?! That means Trace is 6 days away from being 2 months old. Whoa. That's without a doubt the fastest 2 months of my life.

I'm seriously unprepared for Christmas. I have everything bought, just missing one gift card for my grandpa. That's the easy part. The part I hate is wrapping. UGH! On Thursdays, I have an hour break while the studio's ballet mistress teaches advanced ballet. I took some presents up there to wrap while I was on my break. I was sitting there, with one of my favorite students who was on a break, jamming to Elton John Pandora Station on my phone, wrapping some of Dave's presents.

Who walks through the door?! DAVE!! AH!

I can't tell you the last time Dave and Rory surprised me by visiting. They even brought me dinner. So sweet, but of all the nights to come! (haha) Luckily, Allison threw herself on top of the last few presents so no surprises were revealed. I almost died laughing. What are the chances?!

Yesterday I had an epic fail. It's really funny now, but wasn't at the moment. I was getting gas after taking BOTH kids by myself to Wal-Mart to finish Christmas shopping for Dave. We had gone to Wal-Mart with relatively no meltdowns (an accomplishment, for sure.) and had a nice lunch at McDonald's. I had to get gas and get to the doctor's office for Rory's flu shot. (Ha. Almost had a typo there...)

I'm innocently getting back in my car after finishing. There's a big box truck backing up in front of me and I couldn't tell how far he was backing up. I tried to sneak in my car, opening the door only a little ways. Well, Trace started crying at that exact moment so I was looking IN the car instead of paying attention to what I was doing head and my door are now *best* friends. I honestly thought I gave myself a concussion. It hurt SOOOO bad. I sat there in Country Fair, willing myself not to cry and trying to compose myself so I could drive us to the doctor. Ughhhh!! I had a headache the rest of the day and now a lovely bruise is showing up. Plllleaaassseeee bruise be gone by Christmas. I would like a nice family picture without requiring too much photoshopping. (although taking ten pounds off would be nice...;))

Anyways! Not much to report today. My pity party I threw in the middle of the night yesterday has ended. I'm just dealing with it all and not complaining anymore. I don't like that side of myself. Trace is still having problems, but we'll figure it out. Rory is doing pretty darn good lately. We're transitioning to a big girl bed in February and then starting potty training in May, if not earlier. Where is my baby?! I have a big girl now! I wish you could all meet Rory. She's really...entertaining to say the least. She knows how to put on a good show, that's for sure! :)

We're off to Pittsburgh for Dave's follow up Lasik appointment. Think I can con him into the Cheesecake Factory for dinner? That just might be pushing my luck...:)

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Michelle said...

I hate wrapping too, but I wrap every gift because I think it's so much prettier.
Happy (almost) two months to your baby boy!