Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lasik...or how my husband can see me in the middle of the night now.

Friday my husband, Dave, had Lasik eye surgery. Prior to 11:00 am on Friday, he had awful vision. Contacts or glasses at all times since he was a little kid. Not that unusual, but he HATED it. He says his ears were two different heights which made his glasses sit crooked on his face. I easily saw Dave adjust his glasses 100 times a day. On days he wore his contacts, it was even worse. He has allergies and naturally very dry eyes, which makes for uncomfortable contact wearing. After the surgery, he had to keep his eyes closed for 6 hours and he has 3 different types of eye drops to take for the next couple of weeks and that's it. EASY!

In this words "It's a Christmas miracle!" He can see so well...SO WELL now! There's some dryness, but Dave described the level of discomfort being the same as a GOOD day of contact wearing for him! The procedure literally took 10 minutes. I got to watch on a screen in a waiting room. It was really interesting and not at all gross. No blood or anything gross. I was fascinated!

Yes, it was expensive but Dave has a flexible spending account through his work and he used that to pay for it. It was totally worth every cent because he is LOVING it. No more discomfort, no more worrying about his eyes drying out cutting grass (he's a groundskeeper, remember!) It's just so much better. He's happy. I'm happy. And, always a bonus, we went to the Cheesecake Factory so...I was MORE than happy! :)


Melissa said...

That is awesome. My sis-in-law did that years ago & she is THRILLED with it still. I am kinda scared of them working on my eyes?! But i hear it's worth it! Contacts/eyeglasses are a pain but don't bother me too much! But my husband's contacts give him MAJOR problems. It sounds like a dream come true to not have to worry about contacts!! :)

Laura said...

That's great! I would love to not need glasses or contacts but I'm still a bit of a chicken about lasik. Oh well.

And I've never been to the Cheesecake Factory.