Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas at Studio K

This week is always a "waste" week, for the most part, at the studio. The kids are crazy with anticipation for Christmas, plus everything they are doing in school is Christmas themed and adds fuel to the yule fire. :) In years past, the week before Christmas break was always bring a friend week. The ENTIRE studio could bring friends and their families to watch class.

Insert Miss Kate's annual nervous breakdown here.

This year, I just. couldn't. do. it. I knew I wouldn't be sleeping well, knew I would be tired and edgy...no good. So we're having an all studio Christmas party on Thursday instead. Muuuuch better.

Last night, I had two classes of lower elementary kids. I made both classes stretch and do their warms ups and some fun things across the floor. (That's the part they like, they tell me. :)) Then we played some fantastic Christmas games!

The first is so super fun, I order you to try it...if you have kids. You might feel a little stupid playing with your husband. (Although, it could make a good drinking game if you are in to that! haha)

Melt the Snowman

Materials: Glass Chalk (available in the car care aisle of Wal-Mart), Tissues, Water and a window/mirror

Draw a snowman on the window/mirror. Make it as complicated or simple as you want. Make sure it's pretty big, you're using each circle of the snowman as a target. The biggest circle is 5 points, then ten, then fifteen. We made the hat worth 50 since it was muuuch taller than my kids. Soak your tissues in the water and wring them out some. These become your snowballs.

Let 'er rip!!

We laughed so hard at the "snowballs" stuck all over our mirrors at the studio. (Note to self...take pictures today) It looked like giant spit wads. Hilarious! And sometimes the kids would hit the target perfectly, other times they were way off. We laughed and laughed and laughed. I made them do it backwards one round, through their legs...whatever crazy we could come up with. Super easy, super fun.

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