Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Girl Talk Hop: Favorite Gift

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We certainly did. Rory was a blast on Christmas day, calling all the gifts "Pezzz!" instead of present. She is fantastic. She even shared pretty well with her cousins. That's a relief! I was nervous.

This week's Girl Talk Blog Hop Theme is favorite gift.

I have three, I just can't choose!!

1) My beautiful Kindle...

The only thing I asked Dave for and its awesomeeeeeeeee. I already bought 3 books for the price of one regular new release. It fits beautifully in my purse, Rory can't close it and lose my spot...I'm just in love. :)

2) A Keurig Mini Brewer

Every year, my dad gets a special gift for me and one for my sister. One year it was my d40, then my red KitchenAid and this year it was my new boyfriend. (haha) A Keurig mini brewer. It does one cup at a time, which is all I need because Dave doesn't drink coffee. It is just a genius little invention! Dave is getting in to it too, making hot chocolate. Yeah, he's 10 years old sometimes. :)

3) A Coach bag

This is what I bought with my Christmas money. I don't want to buy clothes because I'm losing weight and who wants to buy clothes at this size?! NOBODY. Give me 3 months and I'll buy out the mall. ;) But a purse looks great at any size, for sure. This is pretty close to mine, mine is bigger and has a little more leather on it. I got it at the Coach outlet. It was originally 348 bucks (!!) but at the outlets, it was 200 then I got 30% off. I mean, hello Merry Christmas to ME! :)

Join in! My birthday is next week and I have no idea what to ask for, so reading your entries would be a big help. Dave is getting crabby with me about it! haha


Kelly said...

Ooooh!! FABULOUS gifts :-D Loove the coffee maker, soo neat! And the Coach bag? Yes, please!! We have a Coach outlet north of the cities, but it's like 50 minutes away and we've never shopped there. I sure need to take advantage of outlet prices sometime-- soon!

Neely said...


Laura said...

I often debate in my mind whether I would like a kindle or not. I use the library a lot so my books are free. I think if I traveled a lot then I would like a kindle. But the not losing your page thing... that would be great!

Unknown said...

Great gifts! How cool that your dad gets you something like that each year!