Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So long, Sucker!

(Image from Google Images. They cited the source as Ginny @ That's Church! :))


Christmas came early in the Undercoffer household. My least favorite Steelers play, the blemish on my Steelers skin, has finally sealed his own fate. When he bashed the heck out of a Sheetz paper towel dispenser? Nah. When he offered to fight the police in defense of Matt Spaeth (who by the way was breaking the law!)? Not then! Naked picture? Scandalous Vegas pool party pics? Basically being a shady gnome of a human being? NOPE!

Jeff Reed wasn't always a creepy looking man. Before he got all fat and weird, he was a decent looking guy. Kinda short, super muscley legs, but overall just fine. (I think I just described myself!) He was a great consistent kicker until this year. That doesn't cut it in Pgh. Willie Parker (oh the hotness!) had a bad half of a season and his butt got kicked to the curb too. It's fair.

Last season, according to NFL.com, Mr. Reed was the most accurate kicker in the league, boasting an 88% success rate.

Sunday he missed a 26 yarder.

Na na na na...na na na na...hey hey GOODBYE!!

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Laura said...

That picture is freaky... and so are his legs! Goodbye!