Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Girl Talk Blog Hop

I'm linking up with Girl Talk for the Blog Hop Today! If you have never read Girl Talk, you really should!! My sister-in-law Laura and her friend moderate the site and it's filled with Girls Only topics: health stuff, pregnancy, babies, marriage, relatives, anything you can think of. They often have guests bloggers and it's always really interesting! Check it out by clicking the link above! And Blog Hop!!

This week's question: If you had $500 and 24 hours to spend it, how would you do it?? It must be spent entirely on yourself!

Confession. I am CHEAP. Super cheap. When it comes to buying things for myself, I just don't do it. I like to spend money on others, especially my family!, but I hate spending money on myself. For example, in AUGUST my laptop screen bit the dust. Instead of buying a new laptop, I jury rigged a desktop screen so I didn't have to buy a new laptop. (haha oh my goodness that's kind of embarrassing to admit!) But if it had been Rory's computer or Trace's...well I would have ordered them one that day! I'm a cheapskate and proud of it!

But if I HAD to spend this money on myself, I know what I would get!

1) A Kindle. I am very much jealous of my student Makayla who has a Kindle. It's beautiful. I *love* to read and this would make my life so much eaiser. It would fit nicely in my purse and entertain me for hours.

(Image from HERE)
That's $140. So...$360 to go!

2) Tickets to a Steelers game! That'd easily take the rest of the $360. I'd get club level tickets for Dave and myself. That'd be a dream come true, for sure! We've been to a couple games, but never in really nice seats. (Except pre-season) It'd be a great season to go, that's for sure!

Too bad that guy ^^ wouldn't be around for me to drool over anymore. Miss you, Willie Parker! The janitor job at Studio K is still available for you, since you know, no team wants you as their running back...I'm just saying.


Tammy said...

Can totally understand not spending money on ones self. I don't do it, either.

Can't decide if I'd like a Kindle or not...there's just something about holding a book and turning those pages...

Linds said...

OOO, I never thought of an IPAD (your kindle idea got me thinking!) or netbook. That would've been fun. I am way too practical I suppose. And good to know there's another football fan who'd get tickets :)

Unknown said...

I'm the same way with spending money on myself. For years I would get gift cards for Christmas and then go buy something for the kids instead of myself. But I'm doing better lately.

Love the Steelers tickets. Wish I had thought of it! :)