Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 3!

Best/Most Meaningful Gift

Today's theme in the 12 Days of Christmas Bloghop is best/most meaningful gift. This is a super fun one, I think! I read through Kelly's over at Kelly and Co this morning and it brought back so many memories. (Thanks, Kelly, for posting it first thing. I don't think my memory would have woken up without reading yours! :))

Confession, before I begin. I am sure some of these presents were Chelsea's, I just can't remember. I am POSITIVE if she ever reads this, she'll chime in with what was hers. :)

The first awesome present I remember getting was this one...

A Talking Mother Goose! She had a little gosling with her named Bertrum. She was a lot like Teddy Ruxpin, except clearly she was Mother Goose and told nursery rhymes and fairy tales. I was beyond obsessed with my Mother Goose! I used her for years. I wish I still had her, Rory would love it!

Along those same lines, one year Chels or I got these videos in our stockings...

These were the GREATEST Mother Goose videos. They were real people and animatronics. We watched them every day for years. Bertrum always wanted stuffed peppers and rutabagas in every episode. Oh they were awesome.

Every year, Santa brought Chels and I Holiday Barbie. They started the series in 1988. I got my first one in 1990, according to the timeline I found online. I have every one from 1990 to 2003. You better believe Santa brought Rory one last year and it's on her list for him this year. :)

One year, one of us got a playhouse a LOT like this, only ours was pink, purple and yellow. It was set up in the living room when we woke up on Christmas morning. It was *fantastic* and got years of use.

Didn't every girl my age want an American Girl Doll?? My friend Katie was so lucky, she had THREE! :) I had Felicity and Chels had Molly. Felicity was beautiful and also had the best books, I thought. I'm excited for the day I can get Rory her own American Girl doll. (Sad news, Felicity has been retired! Well I guess that makes sense, she's probably 20 years old. Yikes.)

More recently, my parents have gone above and beyond when giving me gifts. The last two years have been amaaaazing.
First this baby...

My beloved Nikon d40. I use it every day and it is amazing. :)

And this little beauty!

Oh how I love my KitchenAide and long for the day I will be able to have a big kitchen so I can cook more.

Christmas was always so wonderful in my house growing up. It was never the quantity of presents that mattered to Chels and I, but the fact that my parents took such care to pick out perfect things that THRILLED us. I use that same philosophy picking out gifts for my family. Memories over monetary value, people. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!! Link up in the Blog Challenge!


Sarah Ann said...

I had Josephina and a look alike American Girl doll. I wish I'd kept them in good shape. I think poor Jo got a beauty mark courtesy of a sharpie.
And I LOVE My DSLR :) It's awesome!
Happy thanksgiving!!

Neely said...

I want one of those mixers so badly!

Lacey said...

Great post! I had the Samantha American Girl doll. She was retired last year too. Kind of made me sad!
My parents are getting me a Kitchen Aid stand mixer this year for Christmas and I cannot wait to put it to good use. I am seriously tempted to take a day off work the week after Christmas and just bake cookies! :)
Have a great Thanksgiving.
Oh, and that DSLR is on my list for my birthday!

Molly said...

Couldn't agree more about the camera. Last year I got a Nikon D3000, I.LOVE.IT.

Love all the fits you listed, too fun!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I really want a new camera! So many of y'all from the challenge are blogging about it!!! :)

Have a wonderful Turkey Day!

Kit said...

I had the Kit America doll! I loved those dolls so much! That camera and mixer are awesome gifts a well!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Summer said...

I have that camera an looooooove it!! The Kitchen Aid rocks! Love the throw back! I remember Holiday Barbie I used to get those too! How fun!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Unknown said...

Aww wonderful gifts! Cute post! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelly said...

Cute list :-) I don't remember the Mother Goose at all, but it looks like fun :-) I love my Kitchenaid soooo much too!