Friday, November 5, 2010

Gratitude Day 4!

GCD4: Write a "thank you note" to some of the negatives in your life.

Oh this is an excellent challenge for me. I tend to take negative things at face value, deal with them and then not mention them again. This is not good because I keep these negative things in my mind and replay them over and over and over.

Dear Business Work,
I don't like you, this you know. But I appreciate doing you because I am self sufficient. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to have my books come out balanced and know that I am the one responsible for that! Math is not my strong point so learning to own a business has been a challenge to say the least. I am learning every day to be a better business owner and I have you, tedious time consuming no fun work, to thank for that!
The Head of this Operation

Dear Gossip,
Thank you for teaching me to take the high road and keep my mouth shut! I am proud that over the last few years I've learned to stay out of drama as much as possible and not engage in the petty chit chat that is constantly flying around about me. Like Kate Gosselin said, "To me, the high road is the only road." Gossip, as annoying and petty as you are, I appreciate you because if I wasn't doing something right, people wouldn't need to talk about me. As hurtful as you are at times, especially when you come from friends, you are teaching me to be tough skinned and focus on my students, not myself. Gossip, we will never be friends but we aren't enemies anymore.
Did you hear about Miss Kate??

Dear Body Image,
Thank you for reminding me that eating healthy and exercising make me feel better in life, not just as the numbers on the scale go down. I am trying super hard to comes to grips with this new post-2 babies and 3 years of no dancing body I have, but it's tough work. I am learning though new things about cooking, lifestyle and myself that I never would have if I hadn't started hating how I look in the mirror. You are super annoying, body image, but I am going to deal with you head on instead of dodging you. Get ready!
I want my high school body back!!

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