Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 3

Today I am to write about someone/something I am thankful right at this moment in my life. Easy one!

I am thankful for my mom today. She's the best, seriously. She calls me every morning to check in on everyone and how we all slept. (That's a recent addition to the phone call! haha) She visits as often as she can, runs the studio on Tuesdays for me during my maternity leave and stops up to check on the studio as often as she can. She is amazing. My mom works full time and still manages to make my sister and I feel like the most important people in the world to her. She also brought me a dish of one of my favorite foods ever, Chicken Divan, the other day.

My mom also taught me so much about being a mother and a mommy. They are very different things! She wasn't always the best disciplinarian (Sorry, Mom, but it's true! :)) Dad was much better at that. She held us to our rules, of course, but left the punishments up to Dad! haha She always made (and still does) our house feel so homey and comforting. My mom can throw a party like none other (except perhaps her sister, my Aunt Barb. They are quite a team!) and decorates like Martha Stewart. She is a delicious cook and always manages to run the vacuum and do the laundry every day. In my eyes, she's a wonder woman. :)

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