Monday, November 22, 2010

12 Day of Christmas Blog Challenge!

I am so so so excited for this! I stumbled on it last week sometime and today I noticed it all over my news feed. Yay! I *love* the holidays and this gives me something to look forward to.

Christmas Traditions

Well this is interesting. Before I start, I have to tell you the truth. Dave hate holidays. HATES THEM. He gets in a terrible mood about the whole thing. Now, I am not speaking badly of him, he'll fully admit he hate holidays and gets crabby about them for no reason. His reason is he doesn't understand all the extra "work" that goes in to holidays when it's just another day. I get that, except that he doesn't really have any extra work to do...but that's another blog for another day! The reason I tell you this is because our little family of two nope three nope FOUR! has no real traditions yet. I'm hoping we'll start some this year but who knows.

My family on the other hand...
Christmas Eve is dinner at my mom's. It's always perogies, ham and coleslaw. We are Polish and this is our nod to our heritage. My grandpa comes in, the Hemdals, all of us that live close. Then we go to the family service at church. After that, everyone heads home and puts out cookies and milk for Santa and reindeer food on the front lawn! :)

During the night, our stockings are delivered by the Big Man to the bottom of our beds. Everything inside is wrapped in Santa's signature paper.

On Christmas morning, we do stockings first, then tree presents. After tree presents, we head up to my parents for presents and coffee. Some years we eat breakfast there, other years Dave and I host brunch at our house. This year we'll be eating at my mom's.

After that, we go to Dave's grandparents' house for Christmas dinner and hang out there for a while.

Of course, Christmas wouldn't be complete without my Uncle Barry telling me he shot Rudolph. :)


Molly said...

That stinks about your hubby not liking the holiday's. Love your family traditions.

Thanks for joining us!

Kelly said...

LOVE your family's traditions!! They sounds so sweet :-) I love how your stockings get delivered to the foot of your bed. So cute :-) My presents from Santa were always wrapped in silver paper and my sisters were always gold paper. Dave needs to stop being a "bah humbug" ;-)