Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reducing My Facebook Footprint

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An update on the little baby! He's doing GREAT, he should be discharged this evening or tomorrow morning. Thank you so much for all the prayers and well wishes. I know my friend appreciates it. I'm on my way to visit her this morning and deliver all the gifts from her shower...that she didn't get to come to! ;)

Now on to my real post today...

Last weekend, I was dealing with a TON of drama. I stumbled (innocently, I really do promise!) on someone people talking really badly about my dance studio and in turn, attacking me directly. I have never even MET the one person involved. It was nasty. Thankfully, my aunt stepped in and took charge of the actions we needed to take. I don't have the energy or the wherewithall right now to deal with it. I just...can't. My depression flared HARD over the weekend and it took all my coping techniques to get it back under control. (I'm feeling great now. :))

This drama did do something really great for me. I decided to reduce my Facebook footprint.

I looked at my friends, up over 400, and decided I needed to trim it down. I pretty much accepted anyone's friend request, as long as they were in 9th grade or older. (No younger students on my FB!) I don't talk to most of these people anymore. I didn't really have anything to say to them if we did end up trying to talk. So. I cleaned house.

I started counting at 386 and when I was done slicing and dicing my friends list, I have 280 friends. I know for a fact I had at least 410 friends when I started cutting. Let's just say I cut over 125 people off my friends list.

And I would have cut more, but there were a few I was iffy on.

It felt FANTASTIC. The people on my newsfeed now are people I am really interested in! Not that the people I deleted weren't interesting, we just don't interact much/at all, so I was basically creeping on them all the time.

I set all my privacy settings to friends only. No more friends of friends viewing anything.

It feels GREAT. :)

I had no question about keeping any of my blog friends as FB friends. It's amazing. In a little over a year, I've found that my blog friends are some of my favorite people. I love reading, commenting and the ensuing email conversations that follow. I even started Tweeting, can you believe it?! @567k8

I guess what I'm saying is this. I reduced my FB footprint because I don't want to know when people are being rude about me. It's not worth my energy, especially when what they are saying is 100% false and just down right nasty. Nope, no thank you!


Neely said...

I feel like I should do this!

Rachel said...

Aww - that's no fun!

I am barely on FB as is, but feel kinda guilty when someone asks to be friends and I'm trying to just kind of disentangle myself from the entire site, ha ha!

Glad you were able to cut out the stress!

Kelly said...

Love your reducing of the Facebook Footprint ;-) Sorry you stumbled upon some ugly people and that you felt pretty crummy this weekend :-( BUT! Glad that you feel MUCH better!!