Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm prettttty sure I broke my toe tonight. Not the toe part, per say, but the toe falange (Correct? My sister would know.) part running under the ball of my foot. It hurts like nothing else and is starting to bruise.

Now the question is! I am pregnant. I can't get xrays and I can't really do crutches too well. What to do, what to do. Note, I've broken all ten toes at different times in my life. (I've danced since I was 2.5 and on pointe since I was 13. It's a given.) I know what a broken toe feels like and I know what to do. Tape that baby up and put on your sneaks. No biggie. They can't make a little mini cast for it anyways! But I've never felt THIS type of pain before. It's a dull ache and it kills when I walk. I wore sneakers tied nice and tight all night and that did make it bearable. (I have a good tolerance for foot/ankle pain though. See note about 20+ years of dancing.)

What would you do? Or if you have no advice, just enjoy my whiny entry. :)

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Anonymous said...

Kate! ACOG guidelines say you can be x-rayed while pregnant! Especially for your foot, they should be able to shield the baby with lead, and the amount of exposure is really pretty low (though obviously, it's probably not a good idea to go all willynilly x-raying crazy just for fun). But yeah, when mom is hurt or sick, imaging is generally fine to do. From your description it seems that it could be an injured phalanx, or a sesamoid (common in dancers), or if its up higher into your foot a metatarsal. I'd say ice and rest it, be nice to yourself and wear good arch support, and then if you decide it still feels different than other injuries-don't be scared of the doctor:) Heal up fast! Kellyn