Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wishful Thinking

Today I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to get things together for our big competition this weekend. But at this moment, I am taking 15 minutes to relax and drink a Diet Coke. So while I do that, I am blogging a little nonsense that includes some wishful thinking.

So here it is.

If I had extra money lying around, I'd buy these things...(all images from Google
Images, cited where possible.)

A LARGE Purple Punch Tote by Vera Bradley. I mean how adorbs is this.

A membership to the Disney Vacation Club. (This one won't be happening any time soon. Sad face.)

Inground Pool. I drool!

But of course, my budget mind says no no and no to all of the above and so much more! We've got lots of things we NEED, before we focus on wants. I know this to be true, but that doesn't mean I'm not secretly saving my pennies for that DVC membership someday. It might be retirement before I get there, but darn it. I'll get there!! :)


Kelly said...

LOVE all of those! I used to beg my parents for a inground pool when I was little. Never got one, but I sure would love to still have one now! :-)

Genelle said...

This isn't the Purple Punch pattern that you love, but there is a sale on Vera Bradley bags right now. Here's a link