Monday, April 19, 2010

Broken ring...?

My engagement ring broke today.


I was wearing it and it started itching me, which is highly unusual. I've worn it every day since early July, 2006. It has never itched me or bugged me. I even wore it the entire time I was pregnant with Rory. I never had to take it off. But today, it was bugging me. I took it off and noticed the diamond part was pushed down a little on one side. Turns out, the band is broken off entirely from the diamond on one side. HOW that happened?? You got me! Ugh.

I've been trying to remember what in the world I could have done that would break it cleanly like that I can come up with nothing. I work with my hands, but I wouldn't call it manual labor. I don't think spotting a child could break my ring like that.

Any ideas on how in the world that could have happened?? I mean seriously. hahaha Good thing Dave and I don't get upset about that kind of stuff. I told him when he called at lunch and his response was the same as mine. "It can be fixed. But how did you do it?!?" :)

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Shell said...

I hope you can get it fixed!

I LOST mine last week. No idea how that happened. :(