Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Competition Pictures

Here are some pictures of some of my dancers doing their thing at competition a couple weeks ago. These photos were taken by King Shots Photography, but I bought them on a CD so I get to share them!! :)

"Calle Ocho"

"Delta Nu"

Jordie and Allison in "Your Love"

"Le Cirque"

Overall, it was a great competition! The kids didn't score as well as they are used to, but the judges were incredibly tough. I don't mind that for one second. It makes them better dancers and me a better choreographer because I learn better what to improve on. We have another one in 3 weeks and it will be 50 times better because we learned learned learned at this one! :)

More pictures to come when MY cd comes...these are off one of my students. I ordered the same ones though, so it's cool. :)


Melissa said...

you know i love this. :) :)

Cole Franke said...

Great photos! So cool that you run a dance studio. That has to be so much fun. cute blog!
nicole vistiting from

Jessica J. Saggio said...

Wow! These are some really impressive moves!!! Kudos!