Saturday, April 24, 2010

Teething and no eating?

Rory is popping in at least 2 more teeth right now, maybe more. I can see two tooth bubbles, so add that to her already there teeth and we've got...FOUR! :) Anyways, they are really bugging her. She's whiny, out of sorts, sleepy, has had a low fever a few times this week, diaper rash. You name a teething symptom, our girl has it. But this one is new today.

She. refuses. to. eat.

Imagine! That beautiful little almost one year old won't eat? SINCE WHEN??

So far today, she ate a beautiful breakfast. Rice cereal topped with yogurt, as usual and a 7 oz bottle. Typical and easy. Lunch?? Well she had one spoonful of mixed veggies and one spoonful of chicken noodle dinner. Then she proceeded to hit her lunch plate all over her and me. Good grief. (She did drink almost all her bottle, so it wasn't too much of a worry.)

I thought for sure she'd be starving for dinner. I made her a finger food meal, thinking perhaps she didn't like that I was feeding her lunch and wanted to do it herself. Carrots and pasta with a little cheese on top. She's had this identical meal 3 or 4 times and gobbled the whole thing right down. Not today! She had approximately 2 pieces of carrots, one piece of cheese and no pasta.

Rory did however take a distinct liking to Gerbers Lil'Crunchies in Mild Cheddar. (Think healthier, smaller and easier to eat cheese puffs.) She ate probably 15 of those. I tried a little more yogurt since she ate it fine this morning. Rory went for about 3 spoonfuls and that was all. Again, she drank her bottle.

Is this normal? Is this okay?? One day of surviving on cheese puffs and yogurt is fine, we all have weird food days. But how long is it okay for this to go on?? Can I blame it on her teeth or is she just becoming a toddler?? (She will be one in two weeks.) And of course! She begins this trick when Dave is gone for the weekend. Isn't that how it always is?

Babies are so super confusing.

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"The Mrs." said...

Just found your blog and became a follower, cute pictures!