Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Attention World. The cutest, most popalotta (learn your Polish, people. Chubby cheeks.) often mullet sporting 10 month old in the world said her first "real" word today. I am not counting Mama, Dada and her squeal that sounds like Hi. This was a deliberate, thought out word.

What was it?

Well, remember that her mom is an overworked self employed dance teacher, so Rory is at the studio a lot.

You ready?


bahahahahaha Yes, folks, her lips parted and out came...TIGHTS. In a bear like growl, no less. I almost died laughing. I texted all my dancers and no one believed me. Luckily, she said it five or six more times for my mom this evening so there is a witness other than me!

How appropriate. Perhaps Rory read my letter to her the other day and decided to give me a dance word instead of a MaMa. She certainly didn't say "golf" or "grass" first, now did she?? :)

TIGHTS! I love it!


Melissa said...

That is sooo cute! :)

I just finished a novel about dancing - it's a christian one by Elizabeth White called "Tour de Force". It was really good, if you like to read. It's a love story. I don't know why i'm telling you that except that you love dance & i thought of you while reading it for some reason! ;)

Laura said...

That is pure awesomeness!!

Taylor-Made Wife said...

Thats such an awesome first real word! Congrats

Kelly said...

Awww, that is so sweet :-) Such a meaningful word for you too, ha! You'll remember this story FOREVER! :-)