Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Okay

Its Ok Thursdays

Linking up with Neely and Amber because hey it really is okay...

To cry in your office for 20 minutes during rehearsal. Sometimes kids just don't get how serious this Disney stuff really is.

To be kinda sorta really wishing this dance year was over. The last 6 weeks have just been awful!

To not fully understand "kids these days." Like at all.

To contemplate driving Rory and Trace 25 miles each way each day so they can go to Christian school.

To not be sad when your Latte spills all over. Bye bye calories!

To wish it was warm. It's only 37 degrees right now. Yuck.

To think, without a doubt, your kids are cuter, smarter and jut generally better than everyone else's. ;)

To want another pedicure...even though you just had one last week. That calf massage? AWESOME.

To be dreading buying a recital dress, even though you have lost weight. It's just not fun.

Wow. That was really negative. Yikes! Back to sunshine and flowers soon. Probably around June 4, when this craziness is over!


Kristin said...

I don't understand kids these days either. Sometimes I miss being a kid so badly, but then I feel bad for my students because they'll never know the simplicity of growing up the way we all did. Everyday I say, "If I see an iPod or phone I am GOING to TAKE it!"

Asha said...

If I could get a pedi every week I definitely would too. It's so relaxing! By the way, I love your blog design :)

Anonymous said...

Of course your own kids are cuter:) Haha!
I completely agree about the pedi, Oh.My.Word. Heavenly; especially if you can find someone to do that amazing massage!
Great It's Ok Thursday!

Neely said...

I know you have had a tough week friend. Im here for you always!

Meghan said...

I hope these next few weeks get better for you! :)

Laura said...

I do not understand kids these days either! Hope your weekend is better than your week!