Friday, April 13, 2012

Did you spend $1500 at AT&T...and other things I never want to hear again.

Last night, after work, I stopped at the ATM to get a twenty out. I was picking up Chinese for Dave and I to have for dinner. Not a big deal and certainly not a huge amount.

My card was rejected. What the heck, right? I'm OCD about my banking so I figured my card wasn't working or something like that. No biggie, ran home, grabbed a twenty from there, got the food and figured I'd go to the bank first thing in the morning to order a new card. It happens, those strips get scratched or know, nothing to worry about.


It turns out someone stole my identity and drained my checking account ENTIRELY. Down to nothing. This (despicable) person spend $1100 catching up their AT&T bill, then another $300 at AT&T, probably buying a new iPhone or something. A couple hundred at QVC, couple hundred at Forever 21, FTD, list goes on and on. All things told, I had over $2000 taken from my bank account.

Nightmare. I burst in to tears in the middle of the bank. I mean, this week just won't quit it seems!

Once I took a deep breath and the bank teller assured me about 50 times that I would get every fraudulent charge back, I calmed down. And then I got mad.

So I need to say this...

Dear Mr or Ms Identity Stealer,

You are a jerk. A big smelly jerk. If I swore, I'd say much worse about you but I'm a lady so I won't. You have caused me so much stress in the last 2 hours. You took MY money. That's my money, the money I work really hard to earn and save. Let me tell you, I earn every last cent of that money. My job is difficult and stressful. You took that money from me but guess what. I'm getting it back.
What did you really need at Forever 21 that you thought it would be okay to use my credit card to order? And seriously? $200 worth of flowers?! I mean come on. Did you think I wouldn't notice, because yeah, I did. And guess what. I'm investigating. I'm figuring this out. You'll be dealing with me.
Get a life. A job. The rest of us do. Stop taking advantage of innocent victims and contribute to society in a normal, worthwhile way.
You are a creep.



Laura said...

Oh my gosh Kate! That is horrible! I can't even imagine. I would have for sure broke down in the middle of the bank too.

Kelly said...

I'm sosososososoooo sorry to here this, Kate :-( WHAT a bad note on the week. Boo. Hey, at least it can ONLY turn around from here, right?? And GREAT news that you'll be able to get it all back. Wow. Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! I'm so sorry that happened. I just don't understand how a person could do that to someone. I'm glad that you're bank is helping you get everything back!

Cole said...

Oh my goodness! I've had my credit card stolen and I know what it's like. I'm so sorry!

Melissa said...

Oh my!!! I am so sorry that happened! I would have cried too! People are EVIL!


Kristin said...

Ugh. This makes me sick in my stomach. I'm so glad that your bank is replacing the money that was taken.

Kristin said...

Ugh. This makes me sick in my stomach. I'm so glad that your bank is replacing the money that was taken.