Friday, April 20, 2012

A date.

This evening, I had a date with my best girl. Rory's birthday is in 2 weeks and we needed to get party supplies for the big Minnie's Bowtique shin dig we are having. Dave was cranky after a long day at work (and trust me, he has every right to be. His school district is a hot mess right now!) and Trace was cranky in his car seat. So what did Rory and I do? We dropped their "stinky boy butts" off at home and went on a date. :)

We started our evening with some fine dining at McDonald's. Rory loves the new Happy Meals, with the tiny fries and apples. We sat down at our booth, Rory across from me by herself for the first time in a long time. She took a sip of her lemonade, like a big girl, and promptly said to me "So Mom. How was your day?" Needless to say, I burst in to laughter. What a girl! She's 2 going on 25 at times. :)

After our "delicious" dinner, as Rory says, we went to Dollar Tree to get the paper products for her birthday party. Less than $80 later, we had plates, napkins, cake plates, cups, silverware, ribbon, balloon holders, mini canvas treat bags, PILES of candy and lots of little Minnie and Mickey themed prizes for her friends. Shout out to Dollar Tree! I've officially done Rory's entire party (minus food!) for less than $100. Aaaand thank you. :)

Rory had the best time in the store, carefully picking out plastic toys and sparkly party hats for herself and her friends. She choose a pink and gold sparkly "top hat" to wear "when she opens presents." Okay, babe. You can have a $1 paper hat if that's what makes you happy. Watching Rory thoughtfully select a blue bag for her 14 year old cousin Connor because "he likes to wear blue" (Okay...?) and a purple water bottle for little friend Jenyka because "she wears purple to dance class sometimes" made me so proud. She clearly cares about each little friend coming to her party and wanted to give them a thoughtful treat. She's a sweet kid, this one.

After Dollar Tree, we headed to Wal-Mart, Rory's favorite store in the world. I kid you not! She asks daily if we can go to Wal Mart to look at toys and buy bananas. (Your guess is as good as mine!) We had a great time, picking out yogurt and tortillas, a bag of Mickey Mouses shaped cheese and a pack of hot dogs. We strolled the aisles, Rory stomping along in tie dyed shorts, a watermelon shirt, pink flowered rainboots and hot pink sunglasses. She was sight. She made the people at Wal Mart smiled as she waltzed by, dancing and singing, shouting HELLO FRIEND! as she paraded around. We checked out the toys and Rory pointed out things to me she would like for her birthday. (Sorry babe, I've been done shopping for a month! :)) Then we paid. At the check out counter, Rory told the sweet check out girl all about our date.

We stopped for ice cream on the way home. Yes, it was past bed time at this point. Yes, we had junk food for dinner. But the look on Rory's face when she was handing that tiny dish of chocolate ice cream with sprinkles? It was, well the sprinkles on the ice cream if you will. My girl.

After a quick stop at my parents' house, where Rory asked my mom how her life is (how old is this kid?! :)) we came home. Happy. Delighted. Tired. But mostly? Our love tanks were brimming. I'm so blessed. Thank the Lord for Rory Beth.


Amber said...

What a doll! When I have kids, I hope they are half as sweet and caring as she is!

Meghan said...

Aww! It sounds like a perfect date! Rory is just a doll!

Neely said...

She is too cute. THose moments are precious...screw bedtimes

Tayler said...

I can't believe Rory is going to be THREE! I'll never forget when she was born, I was in my freshman dorm studying for finals, freaking out knowing you were in labor. Katie finally texted me..."It's a girl!!!!!!!" so I ran around telling the whole floor WE HAVE A GIRL! A few minutes later I got the message with her name...Rory :) So perfect!