Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Things I Hate...that other people love.

So today on my FB newsfeed, there's a bunch of ladies discussing how they don't like 50 Shades of Grey. No biggie, of course. I don't like Twilight and a lot of people do. To each his own...because frankly I loved the books and am planning to re-read them in a couple weeks. ;) But that got me thinking...I like a lot of things other people don't like...and vice versa.

Things I Hate (that other people love)
1. Twilight. Shudder.
2. Inception. For real.
3. The New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens.
4. Professional Baseball.
5. Bikinis
6. Katy Perry
7. Taylor Swift's music (She seems like a super cute person! :))
8. Beer
9. Sushi
10. Spending insane amounts of money on shoes and purses...(but only because I'm cheap and have 2 toddlers!)

What do you hate that other people love?! Share!


Natalie said...

Not a fan of the Patriots, more specifically Tom Brady. He abandoned his pregnant girlfriend for his now model wife. Boo!

And while I used to detest Taylor swift, she's started to grow on me. I like the fact she holds herself accountable for her actions and choices. She knows she chose this career and will be in the public eye with young girls looking up to her. As a mom to one of those little girls, I love that.

Jess said...

So ... I hate twilight, inception, the Ravens, Katy Perry, beer, and spending insane amounts of money on shoes and purses. I'm indifferent to professional baseball, bikinis, and T-Swift. The only thing that I actually LOVE that you don't is sushi. See ... we're meant to be IRL friends! :)

Sandy said...

I think I'm right there with you- except for the Professional Baseball. I do love my Tigers. Other than that, I'm really not into bikinis, Katy Perry (shudder), and can't stand Twilight. I saw #1 to see what the hype was about and turned it off about half way through the movie.

Neely said...

Twilight, Inception, Most Sandra Bullock Movies, Titanic, Lady Gaga, Indian Food, Soda, High Heels....and so on

Becca Christensen said...

I HATE the patriots.

Kristin said...

I hate buying shoes. I hate Harry Potter. I hate reality t.v. of pretty much every variety. I hate the Patriots (but I think that's a PA thing because I'm a Steelers fan.) I hate basketball AND baseball. Also, I really don't like wine that much.
Is that enough negativity?? :)
This is a great idea for a post, Kate! I think we could all learn a lot about each this way.

Melissa said...

HAHAHA - this was fun!

I am SO WITH YOU on the sushi thing. That is just disgusting! People tell me it's an acquired taste, but i just don't understand why i should have to ACQUIRE A TASTE for something! LOL!

I am just starting to like wine.

I also hate bikinis. If i have a perfect body one day - i still doubt i will wear one! And i don't get spending 300 bucks on a purse or shoes - or even 100! LOL

I hate sports, so...

I like the Twilight books (but am not what you would call obsessed at ALL), but then i saw the movie & have hated the series ever since. Kinda ruined it for me. HA!

Miranda said...

I hate Twilight, The Patriots (bandwagon team) and Tom Brady. I am sure there are so much more but you really got a good list :)

Amber said...

Yes to Twilight, Taylor Swift and sushi! Yuck to it all!

Unknown said...

This is a fun idea for a post! My list would definitely include iced tea and Glee.