Monday, July 18, 2011

Pedicure 911

I need a pedicure...BAD. I was sitting at the pool yesterday hanging out with my sister and my feet were disgusting. Dancing in my bare feet, running around in flip flops...yuck. I will spare you the pictures. :) And considering I found a $100 Spa Gift Card in my bedroom the other day (FOR REAL!), I am making an appointment for a facial, massage and pedicure next week.

I think I want to do something fun on my toes. I need a little spice in my life and my toe nails are about as spicy as I get these days. ;) Here's my choices...



Summer Flowers and Colors

Vera Bradley look-a-like! I love this for my big toe and then matching shades on the rest of my toes.

Have you painted your toes anything exciting recently? Favorite colors? Share! :)


Laura said...

I'm no help on what you should do to your toenails... but if you want something to help your feet try out zum rub! Seriously! Helps my dry, crackedness. I love it!

LA Botchar said...

I can be found going barefoot most the year round...I even pass on socks often in my winter boots. Hence, very dry cracked feet. My secret weapon? Vaseline and thick wool socks. Slap that stuff on, put your socks on, and nitey nite. You'll wake up to ultra smooth feet. (although I can't tell you how to avoid those questions about a giant tub of vaseline on your nightstand! LOL)

I recently did a mother/daughter pedicure. It's a coral color, and then we put on stickers (hers glow in the dark), then speed dry topcoat to set. The stickers were only $4.99 at Rexall Drug Store. It was so easy!

Becca Christensen said...

Oh love this idea - you deserve a little pampering! : ] I had a pedi over 4th of July and did my a kelly green. I love it.

Neely said...

You so should treat yourself to a pedi/and a starbucks...its a great combo :)

Amber said...

I wish I could find a gift card, haha! You should do the zebra it's so cute! I usually just do red or pink, and maybe if I'm feeling adventurous I'll add a design to my big toe ;)

Micaela said...

don't you hate when you realize how badly in need of a pedi you're in? i FINALLY went yesterday because my sister's wedding is around the corner and it felt NEEDED and good :) so go and get your zebra pedi with your scored spa gift cert!!! hurray!!!! ;)

i love that zebra one so much!!!

my last pedi was fun... they were blue for the NBA Finals for my dallas mavericks... i truly think they were the lucky charm ;) ha

Kelly said...

Looove the zebra! When I skip the pedicure, I do French tip with acetone nail polish & a small makeup brush to clean up the nail polish lines. It looks so professional!