Monday, April 2, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

Hi, I'm Kate Undercoffer and I am addicted to Christian Grey.

Oh my goodness. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit how much I loved these books. Yep, they are dirty. The language is rough. The situations are...steamy. But the storyline! The characters! The tragedies! The romance! It's so addicting. It's like a delicious dirty little secret. I highly recommend the trilogy to anyone who likes a little (A LOT) of spice in her reading. You can always skim the scenes that make you uncomfortable...cause I do. :)

Anyways! I've been hearing and reading lots of articles about the casting of the movie for Fifty Shades of Grey. I have to weigh in with my opinions.

First off all...THIS little beauty came across my Pinterest feed.

Source: via nubia on Pinterest

Um yes. Absolutely. Yes. Please. I've thought Colin Egglesfield was cute since he guest starred on an episode of Gilmore Girls (Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doing the Twist...the spring break episode from Rory's freshman year at Yale.) Then when he was Dex in Something Borrowed? Yeah. Sealed the deal. I think he'd be the perfect Christian Grey. He has those eyes! Ever since I saw this picture on Pinterest, he's who I picture when I read more in the books. Ooooh yes.

My pick for Anastasia Steele? That's tougher. How about me? hehe

(not kidding.)

I have to say this...

IF ROBERT PATTINSON IS CHRISTIAN GREY, I WILL REFUSE TO SEE THIS MOVIE. Also, I love Ryan Gosling. I think he's talented, hilarious and good looking. But he isn't brooding enough to be Christian Grey. I would however sell my left arm to be Ana Steele if they cast Zac Efron as Christian...I mean wait what? ;)


Neely said...

OMG I totes forgot he was on GG!

Unknown said...

I LOVE Christian Grey!! I'm currently on Book 3 and read the first two last week!

Meghan said...

I have yet to read these books but they are on my list!

Amber said...

I have gotta read these books! Did you finish them pretty quick?

Unknown said...

I am not a Rob Pat fan. He didn't do Edward justice - in his looks or character, in my opinion.

Kristin said...

I haven't read the books, but I'm against any movie who casts Rob Pat as the lead. When Stephenie Meyer wrote about Edward being as gorgeous and perfect as he was, I seriously doubt that this dude is who she had in mind. And if she says otherwise, she's lying. Also, I will maintain FOREVER, that Alexis Bledel would've been the perfect Bella. The cast alone is the reason why I don't watch or care for the Twilight movies. (I'm getting all agitated just typing about it!)

Natalie said...

I couldn't stand Pattinson as Edward. He always looked constipated to me. And Kristen stewart? Gag.

I haven't read these books. I keep hearing mixed reviews about how they're addicting, but poorly written. If you liked the steamy parts, you should check out The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. They're similiar to True Blood with the vampires, but more adult & better written.