Monday, February 21, 2011

Bows on Wednesday

I stumbled on this blog, from a friend's friend's blog, today.

I cried. I hugged Trace, also 4 months old, to my chest and cried. I felt his little chest rising and falling, watched his eye lids flutter with a dream and cried. I cried for little Maddi, home with Jesus. I cried for her parents, too young to be burying their daughter. I cried for the family, the friends of this brave little family. I cried for them because it hit much too close to home. I watched, through water glazed eyes, as my son, my perfect beautiful son, slept peacefully in my arms, quietly praying over him. I prayed for his safety, for Rory's safety. I prayed for their futures, their hearts and their minds. I was (am) thankful for these little lives I have been blessed with.

But mostly, I cried for Maddi's mom. Can you imagine the heartbreak. Working a normal day and then all of a sudden, nothing is normal anymore. That's earth shattering.

Maddi's mom is asking that on Wednesday, mamas of girls put the biggest bows they have in their little ladies hair. Maddi wore big bows all the time and Wednesday will be her funeral. Her post is here. She wants you to send her pictures of your little girl wearing her bow. Rory will be wearing her biggest bow possible and holding a sign sending some love to Maddi and her parents. It's the least I can do for a mama who's hurting.

Pray for the Staat family tonight. And tomorrow. And every time you look at your little ones. Hug your babies, hug your husband. But most of all, be thankful for this moment. Life is fragile.

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Neely said...

Ugh that post is so sad!