Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hamburger Stew

I have no name of this recipe. It's basically a really delicious, chunky, thick vegetable soup with ground beef and potatoes. I'm calling it hamburger stew! :) It's mad delicious and even better, a slow cooker meal! I threw it together yesterday while I was making everyone's lunches and it was bubbling with delicious when I came home for 10 minutes on my break to grab some. ;) It's totally a pantry meal too, which is what I make every Monday.

Hamburger Stew

1 pound of ground beef (80-20, people. A little fat won't kill yah!)
Assorted canned veggies (I do mean assorted. I threw in corn, peas and carrots. I would have added green beans, but Rory loves them so she gets all the cans to herself! You can of course use fresh veggies, chop 'em up and saute them until they are tender.)
Fresh potatoes/canned whole white potatoes
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1/4 cup of milk
Shred Ched (shredded cheddar, friends. shredded cheddar)

1. Brown hamburger, drain and set aside. Remember to salt and pep your meat!
2. Open all cans of veggies, drain.
3. Open potaotes and drain, slice.
4. In small bowl, mix cream of chicken soup and milk together.
5. Put hamburger in slow cooker, layer veggies on top. I did veggies then potatoes, but I really don't think it matters.
6. Pour soup/milk mixture over top.
7. Top with shred ched. I then added a (drained) can of Italian Style diced tomatoes on top. Seasonings are already added to those babies and it adds a nice kick.
8. Cook in slow cooker 4-6 hours on high. Or 8-10 on low. Everything in already cooked in this dish, so it's really just letting it all combine and get yummy and juicy.

I served mine in bowls with garlic bread. It would be super good over mashed potatoes or rice. Next time I make it, it's going over brown rice. Enjoy!

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