Monday, August 6, 2012

Studio K

Before my normal post...just an announcement. My comments are working really weird. I can see what people say to me, but I can't email back to anyone for some reason. I also can't get my email set up right to let people reply to my comments. I'm not ignoring you! Promise! :)

Today is the second night of open registration at my dance studio. If you wouldn't mind, prayers are much appreciated. As you can imainge, it's trying time for me. I do my best to remember my needs will be provided for, but still. It's nerve wracking.


I wanted to talk a little about my job today.

I really love my job. It's the only thing I can imagine myself doing, other than working at Disney. ;) I get to be a stay at home mom and a full time business owner all at the same time. Most days, it's a huge blessing. Some days, it's a huge stresser in my life. My kids love the studio and their studio friends.

The best part about my job though? Getting to watch young women and men grow from little tiny babies when they enter my doors in to young adults. I'm there every step of the way. The conversations I've had while talking with my students over the years blow my mind. I've answered everything from "What's it feel like to die?" to "What's a placenta?" "Are there Chinese restaurants in heaven?" And a personal favorite, "What color are tan tights?" People seriously under estimate children. They comprehend, understand and feel so much more than some people want to realize.

 What I do isn't glamorous. It's not high paying. I won't be a millionaire anytime soon...ever. I don't get to wear cute clothes, I won't be driving a BMW anytime soon. Of course, I could. If I jacked up my tuition prices. But I'm much more intrested in the kids. I want students who need the studio. I try to make dance affordable for everyone, regardless of the hit I end up taking a lot of the time. My needs will be provided.

 You see, at the end of the day, I know I made a difference. I know I made a sad kid smile. I hugged a booboo away, I taught someone to tie their tap shoes and put in a ponytail. We talked about boys and behavior, we talked about modesty. I taught self respect. I taught respecting others. More importantly, I let my life be an example of Christ's unconditional love. I accept my students. Good, bad, happy, sad, whatever position they are at in life, they are accepted. They know that. They know.

A lot of dance studios are only concerned with trophies and winning. I honestly don't care. It's fun to go to competitions and yes, it feel good to win. But it's not the end of our world at Studio K. We'll be laughing and moving on to something else in a couple minutes. We're a family. A family that sticks together, prays together and genuinely cares.

I'm so blessed. And I never take that for granted.


Laura said...

Kate! I love what you make your studio about! I'm always bummed that we don't live close enough to send Liza.

Melissa said...

Love love love this! :) I love your heart for your dance studio & dancers. :)

Tayler said...

<3 <3 <3 Love Studio K. If you need further proof, see my Studio K post from pretty much oozes love.