Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hey blog world! My competition dance team is in the middle of a really neat fundraiser I thought I'd share with you.

MixedBag Designs is a bag company that offers gorgeous options at low prices. A lot of the bags are eco-friendly and many options come in a woven polypropylene material. This shiny material wipes clean with a cloth and makes for a great diaper bag/kids bag/beach bag...anything where something might get wet or dirty! Not to mention the bags come in adorable prints and a huge variety of sizes. They also have "normal texture" bags, electronic cases, thermal cups, iPhone cases, makeup bags, storage bins...if you can imagine it, they have it!

Some of my favorite pieces:

Department Store Tote in Damask:
· W18 x H13 x D9

Pink and Orange Pleated Large Makeup Bag
W8 x H6.5

Pink and Black Dot Car Organizer (For on the back of a seat!)
· W14 x H17

You can't beat these prices and the prints and options are great! It'd be an easy way to get a head start on your Christmas shopping! :)

Please consider checking it out and placing an order! Check out Mixed Bag Designs here!!

A couple things...

1. If you want to order, comment below and I'll start the process with you! I will have to ship things to you, so we need to add a little bit to your total to cover that.

2. My dancers earn 50% profit on each bag ordered. If you place an order through me, the profit will go to a couple dancers who have hit really hard financial times in their families and need extra help. I won't go in to detail, but please know your order will really help out several deserving dancers who are also really great kids!

I've never featured a Studio K fundraiser on my page before, but this year it's really important to me that I help support a couple families. Please consider helping some really deserving kids!! :)

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