Thursday, August 2, 2012

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Linking up as usual with my pals, Amber and Neely. See, people? Neely and I are friends even though we have different political and social views. We respect each other and carry on civil conversations. It's possible to be different and have mutual, non-judgemental respect.

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Moooooving on...

It's Okay! be not so patiently waiting for your mail to come! Come on, come on, come on! My recital video is in that mail!! be excited to go bridesmaids dress shopping with your sister today...mostly because of the Starbucks ;) get a cold in the summer. Who does that?! Ugh. lose sleep over registration. Please God, you know my heart on this. Prayers are appreciated! still not have decided on your blog design. Poor Jenn, having to do deal with my special brand of crazy. ;) unabashedly think your kids are cuter and better than everyone else. be so ready for Rory to go to pre-school. She's going to love it. already be hoping the 3 year old class doesn't fill next year so Trace can go to...! be straight up mad that some people haven't paid their tuition balance from last year. Ugh. want to go shopping but being a good girl and waiting. I got this. Not spending is very satisfying! be really excited to have your Disney Dancers for a performance this weekend! Yayyy! My dreamers are back!

What's okay with you this week?


Breanna said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog & finding me! I love your blog, it's really cute (oh & I'm your newest follower!).

So awesome that you have a dance studio-- I danced my entire childhood (14 years of ballet, 12 of hiphop & jazz, a few of tap, lyrical, Irish step... ahhh. I miss it!!), & always wish I would've stuck with it a little more. It was my dream to be just like my studio owner (Miss Karen!), I'm sure you have lots of little girls looking up to you too!

Breanna @ Blog by Bre

Meghan said...

Best of luck with registration, girl! I hope you get your video soon - I bet it's awesome to watch for the first time and see all of your hard work!

Unknown said...

McK's dance teacher won't give the girls their dance costumes until the tuition is paid!

Jessica said...

I'm so torn about putting Emmy in dance because I think she'd enjoy gymnastics just as much. She wants to dance too though. Why can't you be here in Florida so Em could go to your studio and we could go to Disney together whenever we want?