Thursday, August 9, 2012


I'm having a blah couple of days. My PPD is flaring up, as it usually does when I get stressed. So much going on.

To relax, I've been spending a lot of time with my two favorite fictional ladies: Rory and Lorelai.

I know a lot of my blog  buddies have been having a crappy week, blah week or stressful week...perhaps all of the above. To get us all through another Thursday...I give you Gilmore Girls.

Source: via Liz on Pinterest

Copper Boom.


A Babbling Brunette said...

I love this!!! I think I need to re-watch all the seasons soon. :)

Neely said...

You know this made my day!

Tayler said...

I've been spending a lot of time with Lorelai and Rory lately too. But who are we kidding, I watch them every day :) You know how much I appreciate this post! I'm also loving the Stars Hollow Confessions tumblr. It's giving me a lot to mull over.

Jana Faith said...

I'm sorry you're having a rough time. Seems to be going around... Thanks for sharing a positive post.