Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Social!

I've missed a couple weeks of blogging but I'm back! Be prepared for lots of Disney retrospectives this week. ;) On to today's business...Sunday Social!


This week's questions...

Favorite TV show of the past...
Do you know me at all? Clearly it's Gilmore Girls! My daughter is named Rory, for pete's sake. ;)

(Courtesy of Pop Tower)

Favorite TV show currently...
I love Bunheads! Coincidentally written by the same person who wrote Gilmore Girls as well as starring Kelly Bishop , aka Emily Gilmore. It's fantastic!
(Taken from Entertainment Weekly)

I'm also a huge fan of Dance Moms (I know.), So You Think You Can Dance? and Bethenny Ever After and THE OFFICE.
Which Reality Show would you NEVER do?
Any of the dating ones, living in a house with randoms or ones where I had to eat gross things and touch bugs. Sick.
Which Reality Show would you LOVE to do?
So You Think You Can Dance! I want to learn from those choreographers. Wow.
TV personality/character that you feel is most like you?
Lucy Camden from 7th Heaven. We are pretty much twins. She's definitely my doppleganger and our personalities are identical!

TV character you'd want to date?
Jim from The Office.



Neely said...

WOW you do look like her!

Brittany said...

I loved 7th Heaven. Another good tv show of the past!

Jana Faith said...

I'm a new follower and I found you via the link up. 7th Heaven was definitely a good show.... I miss it. I liked the 'family-values-ness' (I just made up a word...) of it. After reading further in your blog, I see you're a dance person. Yes! Hey, me too! I've taken dance lessons at the same studio since I was 3 (with an 8 year sabbatical until my teacher started an adult class).

Kerbi said...

Lucy is my fave 7th Heaven character!

Tayler said...

Our first two answers are the same! Shocker :)

Kristin said...

As I said on my blog today, everyone wants a Jim!

Unknown said...

really want to watch bun heads!


happy sunday!

Brooke Arellano said...

I LOVED 7th Heaven, it was such a good show. I just recently saw a Lifetime movie with the 7th Heaven mom and I could NOT stop thinking Annie Camden!
Hi! Stopping by from SS! Am now a new follower:) Would love if you could check out my blog:

Ashley said...

I watched the first episode of Bunheads online and I loved it!! Love me some Dance Moms too! I almost put down Lucy Camden as my person too. She and I are definitely a lot alike!

Thanks for linking up, friend!

Unknown said...

Oh, Jim is a good answer. I should have thought of him!

Brandy Bruce said...

I've been thinking I should watch Bunheads! Looks good!

Anonymous said...

Love the Gilmore Girls
New follower