Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Today I'm linking up with two of my favorite bloggers, Neely and Amber, for the one year anniversary of It's Okay Thursday. I really like this link up and it's one of the two I try to do often. The other, coincidentally is also hosted by Neely and Ashley, is Sunday Social. Give them both a shot! They are really fun ways to meet new bloggers! :)

This week, I'm saying It's Okay...

to sit down and watch Good Luck Charlie with your husband when Rory is not even in the room...I can't help it. It makes me laugh! :)

to have very strong opinions on children's television shows. Some of them are just plain awful. Pocoyo, I'm talking to you.

to be totally ready for fall.

to be beyond excited to be back to work soon!

to have to duct tape your son's diapers on at night.

to use spike tape (tape to mark a stage) when you can't find said duct tape. You know your mom is a dance teacher when...

to already be thinking about Halloween costumes for the kiddos.

to block people from your news/twitt feeds when they talk about Penn State and don't even have the FACTS right, let alone base opinions off other people's opinions. Live in Central PA. Read our newspapers, watch our news...we have way more facts than you do.

to not be afraid to be a Penn Stater for life. WE ARE more than football

to vow to never watch ESPN again.

to be plain exhausted day in and day out. What is wrong with me?! Yawn.

to need a vacation. Stat.

to be super excited for your sister's year!!

What's okay with you this week?


Kiley said...

agreed about the Penn State thing. I feel like most people are just feeding off the opinions of others in their feeds...obnoxious!

Unknown said...

SO ready for fall!

happy friday! come say hi at :)

Kristin said...

I'm a Penn Stater for life too! I wrote about it on my blog this week and got nothing but support from my lovely readers. I see other blogs ripping PSU apart and it breaks my heart. One lady told me (in a comments section) that my tuition money funded child molestation. Awesome, right?
(We can be hated together :)

Kristin said...

First, your email is, sadly, all hidden away as "no reply" so I'll just reply here :)
I graduated from PSU Altoona in May 2008. My husband did 2 years there and then graduated from Main in December 2008. He had done ROTC so we moved to Alaska for the army less than a year later. We own a fixer-upper house in Osceola Mills (that we were working on when the army moved us) and my parents live in Madera.
We were home on leave last year before my husband deployed and, on a whim, we decided to go to that game with a bunch of my husband's friends from high school. It. was. awful. I don't know what your hubby had to say about it, but man, I thought my husband was gonna throw me off the bleachers for complaining so much haha.
Now, of course, I'm glad we went.
I've been taking digs and insults from people in Alaska about Penn State since this all started in Nov. You're right: we need allies!