Monday, July 23, 2012

Rory and Trace Update

My original plan was to do this once a month. I did in in September and then forgot. HA. Okay, trying again. :)


Age: 3 yrs, 2 months
Height: About 40 inches
Weight: 36 pounds
Eyes: Grey-brown. They are beautiful.
Hair: Brown and short. She hates bows, headbands, etc so we keep it a cute little bob. Easy!
Shoe size: 7 or 8
Pants: 3t
Shirts: 3t or 4t. She has long arms.

TV Show: Peppa Pig and Doc McStuffins
Song: The Angel Song (They play it on Kids' Place Live on Sirius)
Movie: The Princess and the Frog. Forever and always, I think. :)
Food: Cheese sticks, chicken nuggets, grapes.
Color: Pink
Thing to Do: Play in her room, swim, go to the park 
Misc: Rory went to Bible School in the afternoons for a week earlier in the summer. She LOVED it and asks to go back every day. So preicous. She's really into playng Mommy and takes her babies very seriously. She is working on her "school work" (letters and numbers workbooks) and spends time every day doing her educational games on the iPad. She has all her colors and shapes down pat, sings the alphabet and counts to 25. We're working on letter recognition.


Age: 21 months
Height: 35 inches or so
Weight: 26 pounds. Tall and skinny!
Eyes: Greenish, greyish.
Hair: Super blonde. He has had several hair cuts now. Such a big guy!
Shoe size: 6
Pants: 18 mos
Shirts: 18 mos

TV Show: Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Song: Life's a Happy Song from the Muppets
Movie: THE MUPPETS. Every day.
Food: Ketchup (even just on a spoon...gross) Toast and Yogurt
Color: Yellow
Thing to Do: Bother his sister, make a giant mess, take off his diaper. Typical boy things. :)
Misc: Trace is a total dickens right now. He hates wearing diapers but won't pee on the toilet. He takes his diaper off as soon as we turn around. He has to have it duct taped before bed. He makes the funniest faces and talks in a growly voice when he wants to make someone laugh. He is caring and so sweet....except to Rosie. :)

My kids are at a really great stage right now. Their behavior gets better and better. Rory is fully potty trained. Trace is showing interest. Our diaper days are dwindling (YAY!). They are learning to play together. Summer has been great for them. Lots of outside time, swimming time, water table time, bike riding and ice cream truck trips on Thursdays. I hit the jack pot with my kids, that's for sure.:)


Jessica said...

Your kiddos are too cute!!! I didn't realize our girls were so close in age...Em turns 3 in August. And it sounds like they're exactly the same! I'm thinking family Disney trip so our girls can meet!!!!

Unknown said...

I love this! You will be so glad you did this!

McK loves VBS, too. I'm glad Rory had a good time! And it's hilarious that you have to duct tape Trace's diapers!!

Judy said...

Just came across your blog. VERY adorable kids!!! My two just hit 4 years (Rudy) and 23 months (Sofia).

Just for the sake of passing along tips, if you have an iPad or iPod, there's a Muppets application that Sofia loves if she ever gets a scratch or cut. Stops the crying right away. Here's a youtube video on it!

Hope your little munchkins like it!