Monday, February 27, 2012

A Rory Moment.

So early Sunday morning, I was sleeping peacefully in my bed. I heard my bedroom door open and immediately I knew. I sat up and there she was, little green eyes peering over the bed at me. "Rory?" I said and that woke Dave up. She had made her first official trip in to mom and dad's room in the middle of the night. I hadn't heard her over the monitor crying or anything so I was curious what was going on. I put her bed with us but that didn't work. Lasted about 2 minutes before we headed out to the living room.

I asked her why she was awake and she said:

"I had a fight with my monster (her version of an imaginary friend) so he scared me in the night time."


This monster has been giving us issues for a year and a half! First he lived in the closet and Rory wouldn't sleep in her big girl bed because he was in there. Finally they became friends and all was happy in Rory-land. Lately, though, Monster has developed a little attitude when he's out on trips with us. Rory has had to yell at him and even put him in time out once or twice. Monster is a rascal, I tell you what!

Back to Sunday morning. I get Rory settled on the couch and I curl up on the other, thinking she'll be back to sleep 20 minutes in to a movie. Not the case. We end up having to have a chat with Monster, asking him to apologize. Then we prayed for Monster, that he wouldn't scare Rory anymore. Then we watched 9 episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. By this time, it's 8 am.

I'm ready for Monster to go. How do I get rid of an imaginary friend? ;)


Cole said...

Poor Rory, and poor you! Rory sure is one smart little girl to have the reasoning skills to ask it to apologize.

Unknown said...

Oh goodness! I hope this phase passes quickly for both of you! How sweet that y'all prayed for Monster, though!