Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making Changes.

Today is a good day. I actually woke up with my alarm, which means I slept last night. I've been having a hard time sleeping lately and have been sleeping through my alarm(s) unintentionally. Thankfully, my mom calls me each morning on her way to work and that wakes me up when I oversleep. But I digress.

Today is the first day on my 90 day Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. I'm so excited! I wanted to start yesterday, but ended up with a horrible sore throat, fever and ear ache by the time I got home from work. Blah. I didn't have the energy the work out. But today, I do. I woke up early, did some Pilates before the kids woke up. Then I actually. ate. breakfast. I know, take a minute to digest that news. I had strawberry yogurt and a big glass of water. Then for lunch I had quesadillas, with whole wheat tortillas, low fat cheese and salsa. (Which by the way, is the best lunch I've had in a long time. Seriously, delish and easy)

I'm going to do my day 1 work out as soon as Pretty Little Liars is over. ;) I'll let you know how hard it is...I hope it's really hard and kicks my butt. I love feeling sore after a good work out. :)

In addition to a Body Revolution, I'm making a lot of other changes in my life as well.

1. I'm giving up red meat. I don't really like it anyways. I much prefer chicken and seafood. Technically, it's my "lent" give up, but I'm Methodist so it's not required. :) I'm also going to do Meatless Mondays and Meatless Fridays.

2. I'm doing 90 days of NO frivolous spending. Actually, it'll be 94 days since this change started on Friday. It's day 5 and going great. I love love love budgeting and watching my savings/bank accounts grow. It's a great feeling. We've got some big expenses coming up and I'm excited to be completely prepared.

3. I'm limiting my caffeine intake to 1 coffee and 1 diet coke a day. That's cutting WAY back for me. I'm also not drinking any caffeine after 7 pm. I'd like to cut out Diet Coke all together by the end of June. I'm not giving up coffee though. ;)

4. I'm pledging to read 7 new books. I get in ruts with my reading and I end up rereading books I know I like. I'm open for suggestions! (Not Hunger Games, for some reason I just couldn't get in to them!)

5. I'm going to do 3 activities per week with the kids. I want to be one of those awesome mom that you see all over the internet, inventing awesome home learning games for their kids. Well I'm going to do it too. Today we used shaving cream and bathtub paint in the tub. The kids played happily for 45 minutes. We talked about colors, textures, making new colors, pattern...it was easy. It was fun. We'll do it again!

Are you making any changes this time of year? It's going to be a good spring!


Jess said...

That sounds great! I think you've given me an idea for what to give up for Lent. Last year I did meat, period, but it was really hard (especially since my husband can't NOT eat meat). So I think I'll give up red meat. I also like the idea of 2 meatless days a week. I could do it every day, but my husband can't. Good luck! :)

Melissa said...

Sounds like some great ideas, girl! :) And I'm the same way. I gave up my coke, then later gave up diet sprite. But i'm not giving up my coffee! ;)

Laura said...

As you know... I'm constantly making changes. :)

Do you like Christian historical fiction? (Could also be categorized romantic.) If so I could send a few books home with my mom when she comes up on Saturday. Let me know.

Erin said...

I wanna know how you like the workout! Thinking of picking it up, myself.

Do you like Tina Fey? Because Bossypants is the funniest book I've EVER read!

Jessica said...

Good luck!!! I can't wait to hear how good the work out is. Jillian usually kicks my butt. I gave up soda a month ago and don't miss it one bit

Emily said...

You're such an inspiration... I'm gonna make a list of short term goals like this too!

E said...

All sound like very good goals for a healthy body, mind, and all-around energy!
I'll be anxious to see your thoughts and progress with the JM 90 day plan.
I'll be cheering you on for all your goals! You can do the red-meat and caffeine goals! I gave up soda in high-school (over 10 years ago) and haven't looked back. I think I drink 1 soda (if that) once every few months, usually at the movies when hubs gets one.
Go you!!

Kristin said...

I was raised Methodist, but my mom's family is Catholic so I always give up something for Lent. I like the challenge of it! Candy and soda are what I'm cutting out. I'd like to make soda something I only have once a month or so.

Linds said...

Here are my book suggestions :)

The Help
The Alchemist
City of Bones
365 Thank Yous

Just my suggestions :)

Amber said...

Such great changes! I am trying really hard to give up the soda, but I failed and had one, but i have been working really hard on giving it up :)