Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lately I've been thinking

Lately I've been thinking...
(and yeah, I haven't been sleeping much so these are kind of snarky. Take it with a grain of salt. ;))

I really don't understand the BRIGHT RED lipstick fad. Okay, maybe I'm jealous of the girls who can pull it off (ie: Kelle Hampton) and feel sorry for those who think they can but actual look like a clown. It's one of those fads that not everyone should participate in. See also: skinny jeans, leggings and bob hair cuts.

I also don't understand the hating on Valentine's Day. So what? It was nice to look forward to a sweet card and flowers from Dave on February 14. Oh you are SO IN LOVE you don't need a day to remind you of it? Right. Guaranteed if your husband hadn't at least brought home a card, you'd have been at least a little disappointed. To me, Valentine's Day is a sweet reminder in this hectic, crazy life. Something to look forward to, a nice extra way to say hey, I love you and you matter enough. I spent extra time and money running to the store, picking a card and giving it to you. It's not the make it or break it moment of any relationship, just a little extra acknowledgment. Get over it, people.

I was recently involved in my first blogger drama on Twitter! I was kind of excited. (hehe) I stumbled upon a tweet from some girl being all Negative Nancy about my toddler post and Trace only wanting chicken nuggets lately. Okay. That's wonderful. My kids are currently having kryptonite for breakfast and will be dining directly on bricks of gold for lunch. This way they will be indestructible to even SUPERMAN and their poop can be sold to make me some extra money.

I need a vacation. I'm stating to lose it. For proof, see the paragraph directly above this. I just made a joke about selling my kids' poop. Yeah.

That I know it's time for spring and warmer weather. Why? Because I'm officially sick of my kids winter clothes. I feel like we've been wearing the same shirts all winter and I'm ready to see them in cute little shorts. I love love love love chubby baby bow legs waddling around on the lawn. Adorable. Also, babies in Crocs. It's not acceptable to wear Crocs after age 5, so yeah. Gotta get that in this summer too. Love. 

I wish it was time to upgrade my cell phone. My beloved Droid2 is starting to act all weird, which is okay. I've  had it for 16 months (easy to remember, I got it 2 weeks before Trace was born! :)) and I use it constantly. I even play music off it in dance class. I'll be sad to see it go but yes, it's time. The keyboard is starting to stick, the touch screen has a line across's just getting old. Sad face. Shockingly, I think I'll be getting an iPhone. Actually, I know I will. I plan to convert all the electronics in this household to Apple as my budget permits. So yeah, Neely, prepare yourself for that one. I'm coming to the dark side. ;)

And now, my children are rolling around on the floor trying to bite each other's feet so I should probably break this one up.
In 5...4....3...2....1 GO.


Becca Christensen said...

Hahaha I loved this.

Neely said...

Hhehehe to the chicken nuggets comment

Melissa said...

The valentine's thing - i so agree. I always brace myself for all of those negative comments about getting "predictable" flowers or about how you don't need v-day to remind you to do something you should all year. UGH! I was just talking about this w/ someone & said, you know... I don't NEED Christmas to celebrate Christ's birth & I don't need thanksgiving to be thankful! It's just an extra day to celebrate love, what's the big deal? UGH!

So, thank you. :)

I haven't realized there is a bright red lipstick movement? There are two bloggers who did it on V-day & they really pulled it off i thought (Life of Susan & Loves of Life - they're sisters). Anyway, I've wanted to try the red lipstick look but never have. I always think i'll look bad but idk why - fair skinned blondes pull it off all the time!

Unknown said...

I don't love or hate Valentine's Day. Some years we do more than others. But it's a fun day :)

I LOVE the bright lipstick trend and wish I could pull it off. I keep seeing that pretty girl in Pearl Harbor or Rachel McAdams in The Notebook - they ROCKED the red lips and red nails!