Friday, February 24, 2012

90 Days of Jillian

Well I've started! I'm 4 days in to my 90 Day Challenge (for details, see the post below this one!) and it's going great! I've successfully completed all 4 of my workouts thus far and stayed well within my Diet Coke/coffee limits. I've drank more than my required water each day. I've spent ZERO dollars frivolously. Not even a quick lunch out or anything!  The only thing I spent money on this week that wasn't a bill or a grocery item was 2 $5 bouquets of tulip for 2 of my students participating in a pageant at school. Not frivolous, but not "necessary" I suppose. I'm not counting it though, because it was a good thing to do. :) I'm feeling pretty good about how it's gone so far. I know, I know. It's just the beginning and the excitement might wear off. But I'm going to persevere and push through.

Jillian says in the Phase 1, Day 1 workout: If you have a why, you can put up with any how.

And she's so right. I can put up with anything. I can do this. 90 days is nothing.

Want to read about my progress? Check out my new 90 Days is Nothing blog here! I'm keeping daily journals of how each day goes! I'll also be posting progress pictures. It's a little ugly right now, but that's my nap time goal today, to get that fixed up. Hey my workout's done, I've got time to myself! :)

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Meghan said...

Awesome work! I am checking out your new blog now!