Monday, October 3, 2011

Let's Par-tee!

Trace's birthday party is in two weeks. I'm woefully unprepared. As in...I got the kid one present so far. Invitations have gone out, actually and the cake has been ordered. BUT. Other than that? Yeah...not much has been done!
His theme is Golf, of course. We're calling it his first birthday "par-tee!" (Excuse all the awful golf puns to come in this post...! :))

Some projects I'd like to accomplish between now and the 15th...

Project #1: A golf wreath

Okay, this one is actually well under way. I used an old grapevine wreath and cut up streamers (left over from Rory's birthday party!) for grass. I'm in the process of adding tees, golf balls and fabric letters. Total cost? NOTHING! Everything is upcycled!! :)

Project #2: Centerpieces with donuts acting as golf balls.

I finished these up the other day! I bought 2 glass vases (taller and round) from Pat Catans, a pack of moss and some ribbon. I upcycled more of Dave's old golf balls and more of the green streamers to decorate mine. Total cost? $20!! Plus, I can pull all the ribbon off and everything and use the vases for tons of stuff.

I need to make table cards for the food, make Trace's banner, make some golf flags, order the rest of the many little things! Thank goodness the party is at my mom's. I don't have to clean that way. ;o)

I just can't believe Trace is almost one!! It's blowing my mind. He's got 2 teeth and 2 more on the way. He's walking a few steps at a time now, pestering his sister, refusing to say DaDa just to annoy Dave. Yesterday Dave took the kids to visit his parents while I was working. Dave's mom told him that Trace has the same personality Dave did when he was a baby. Laid back, relaxed and a little mischievous. I love that!


Unknown said...

What a cute theme! I love it :)

Meghan said...

I love the donut balls! Adorable idea!

Amber said...

Love the par-tee idea! :) I'm all for cheesy puns like that. I can't wait to see your finished wreath, and YUM to donuts acting as golf balls!