Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Burger King Fail.

So when I go to Wal Mart or running errands out of town with the kids, we often grab fast food for lunch. I get a salad and Rory gets a kids' meal. This is usually a big win because Trace can nom on some fries and cut up pieces of her burger, some lettuce from my salad, whatever while Rory eats and plays with her new toy from the kids' meal. At a fast food joint, people expect children to be present and no one gives you the evil eye if say, for example, your daughter stands on the bench and sings the ABCs for the whole room to hear and refuses to sit down. Fast food restaurant patrons are our kind of crowd these days. We don't do sit down restaurants very often right now. It's just not a good experience! Fast food is much more enjoyable.

Best kids meal? That's tough. Subway has great choices, Rory loves the apples but the "toys" lately are a Lion King Bag. Ro was excited for the first one, but after that...meh. We're toy purists over here in the forest. ;) The winner for this always goes to whomever has the best toy at the moment. Usually McD's wins since they typically have the Disney themed toys for each movie.

But uhh Burger King? You failed me.
Straight. Up. Failed. Me.
We've been in to BK lately. Rory loves their nuggets and I think their iced coffee is the best of all the fast food places. For REAL. (McD's has the best everything else coffee related, but Iced Coffee is definitely BK.) There's a really nice Burger King in the same plaza as the Wal Mart we use most. It's always very clean, staffed by friendly people and typically filled with adorable senior citizens whom are amused by my kids. Seems like a great fit to me!
Until last week when they changed their kids' meal toys.
Now, CHILDREN who order a kid's meal get a Simpsons toy. Yes, like Bart or Marge or that cat. I was seriously shocked when I pulled Rory's toy out. I was really disappointed! Rory has no clue who the Simpsons are and should have no clue for many years. That show is NOT appropriate for anyone young enough to be ordering a kids' meal. The typical age range for a kid's meal is 2-10. TEN. That's 5th grade. I'm sorry but a 5th grader should not be watching The Simpsons. And certainly anyone younger should not be watching it either. I didn't enjoy having to explain to Rory who the character on her toy was. She thinks anyone animated is from a "Rory show" (what she calls a kid's show) and of course asked me if she could watch "this cat show." Granted, she forgot about it a few hours later and we haven't had to discuss what The Simpsons is and why can't watch it since, but still. That's so inappropriate!
Burger King, you failed on this one. I'm so disappointed! We won't be eating at BK until the toys in the kids meal cycle to something much more appropriate for our kids. With tv and media inundating our kids these days with images and messages of things much too mature for their little eyes, it makes me angry that a restaurant would find it even slightly acceptable to put toys in kid's meals from an adult cartoon.
Makes those bags from Subway look pretty great, doesn't it?


Neely said...


Lacey said...

I feel like most fast food places have toys that my boys won't like at such a young age. I try to remember to always ask for the 3 & Under Toy just because I feel like they find more enjoyment in those than some figure anyway. Too bad about BK...I do love their chicken sandwiches! :)

Laura said...

Wow. I think you should actually write to BK. :)

LWLH said...

I agree, Simpsons really are not child friendly.

Amber said...

Wow! I'm shocked by that. First of all, The Simpsons aren't even crazy popular anymore, and like you said - not appropriate for a kids' meal!

Kelly said...

I agree!! I watched The Simpsons at my cousin's house once when I was in like 4th grade and got in sooooo much trouble!! In all honesty, I think I've seen like 6 episodes of that show total. Boo :-( Sorry to Rory for a crap toy!! ;-)

Unknown said...

Seriously. NOT cool!

RAY J said...

That's not even an original toy idea - back in the late 80s/early 90s when Simpsons were at their peak BK had Simpsons kid toys too - I remember it because my parents had a similar reaction to yours and wouldn't let me watch the show my toy was associated with (although I knew who the Simpsons were thanks to that one arcade game and all the merchandising and commercials they played back then).

Ashley said...

Simpsons? Seriously? That's not really ok.