Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Open Letters

Wait, you're looking for my Erin Condren Giveaway?? It's right here! It's open until Wednesday the 12th at midnight. $50 worth of Erin Condren goodies?! Good deal. :) Shout out to Erin Condren Company. They are aaaamazing. They got wind of my giveaway yesterday via twitter and have been so supportive and excited! Normally companies don't pay attention to tiny little blogs like me, but EC sent me several emails with tips, support and general excitement. They are so sweet! Find them on FB here and show them some love! Tell Kate sent you. :o)

Now on to today's business...Some letters to business...

Dear Facebook,
I really like the new prof layout. Not crazy about the new news feed, but whatever, I'll get used to it. But I really hate the friend suggestions at the top of my news feed. Especially since EVERY time I log on, you suggest I be friends with my exboyfriend. Like...the one I will never speak to again, not the normal ones. Please, for goodness sake, make it stop!

Dear Starbucks,
I understand that my town is about the size of an ant hill. But I firmly believe you should consider opening a store here. I mean, our closest Starbucks is over an hour away. That's an awful long drive every time I need a white chocolate mocha or Rory wants a cake pop. Seriously, think about it.

Dear Target,
See what I said to Starbucks, but substitute an hour and a half for distance and "all sorts of awesome" for white chocolate mocha and "crack like popcorn" for cake pop. Love yah. Please open near me sooner.

Dear McDonalds,
Shout out for your new plans for the Happy Meal! Half the french fries, half the apples. I firmly approve of this. Rory will be a happy kid! I think it teaches better portion control AND that you don't have to ignore fries, just balance them with healthy stuff. Well done!

Dear Nike Golf,
You could send me a bunch of stuff for Trace's birthday party. Balls, tees, pictures, whatever. I wouldn't mind. I'll review you on my blog. Just saying.

Happy Weekend, everybody! I hope your weather is as beautiful as ours is going to be. Low 70's, sunny and gorgeous! Probably our last chance to get outside until the snow flies. Yay! Enjoy!


Holly said...

Sorry your Targets and Starbucks are so far away...that stinks!! Didn't realize McD's was doing that for their Happy Meal..sounds interesting!

Happy Friday :)

A Babbling Brunette said...

I love this post! I havent heard about the new happy meals but that sounds great!

Unknown said...

AMEN about Starbucks! An hour! And I want one sooooo bad. I can live with Target being so far away, especially since twice a week I work near one. But kneed Starbucks as much on the work at home days as the commute ones ;)

Neely said...

Would you mind if I did a similar post?

Ashley said...

No Starbucks or Target?? That's terribly unfortunate! The town I grew up in didn't have either, and now that I live 5 mins away from both, I don't think I could live without them!