Thursday, September 29, 2011

FabFallBlogChall: Day 9!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Today's Theme? FOOTBALL!

I am a football fan. I really enjoy watching the sport, especially live. I even enjoy high school football games.

But at the end of the day...these are my boys.

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To say we are Steelers fans in this house would be putting it very mildly. We're Steelers addicts. Rory can pick out a Steelers license plate or car decal a mile away and she knows how to Roethlisberger. (I really should do a vlog with her talking about football. It's hilarious!)

We are proud members of Steeler Nation. Good bad or ugly, we're here and we're fans. We dealt with that awful embarrassing loss to the stupid girly birds Ravens a few weeks ago. (UGH. I hate the Ravens!) We stood by Ben and hoped he would come through all that awfulness a better person. I have to say, I think he's really trying. It's been a really long time since he's been in any trouble! This is progress. ;) We hate the Ravens and the Bengals and we pity the Browns. We naturally hate the Patriots.

If you follow me on Twitter...sorry for all my spastic tweets during the Pats/Bills game last Sunday. I REALLY HATE TOM BRADY and I loved watching him get beat by the Bills. hahaha #tombradysucks

Also Football related...
I love Colt McCoy, the adorable quarterback for the Browns. I think he's a real stand up guy.

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I hate Tim Tebow. I think he's a whiny, crying little baby! EW. I seriously think he is the most overrated draft pick in years. Gross. On that same note I really detested Kurt Warner when he was still playing. I just don't like guys who cry ALL the time. Cry when you win the Super Bowl? Sure. Cry at every game you win? Dumb. Man up!

I love Peyton Manning, I think he's so class and fantastic. I'll be really sad if he retires but I know he will have a great future as a commentator.

Now tell me about your football fandom! :)


The Random Years said...

Love this. I am a Pats fan, but I hate Tom Brady as a person. =P He's just..ugh! haha. I do have respect for the Steelers, theyre one of the best in the league, honestly.

And Peyton & Eli, such nice classy men. =D

Amber said...

Yes pleeease do a football vlog with Rory! That'd be so fun!

LWLH said...


Ashley said...

Kate, I'm so sorry, but I can't EVER root for the Steelers. I just can't. But, we totally agree on Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning! Peyton is one of my favorites, and I really can't stand Tim.

Unknown said...

Wow! You have a lot of football hatred! Haha

Neely said...