Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nick vs Disney Channel

I have two sick kids, both of whom want to do very little today outside of watching a movie and drinking copious amounts of juice/water. Trace has taken refuge on the ground beside me, contentedly dripping "snot" from his nose and sucking his thumb. Rory is on the couch, under a Princess Tiana blanket alternating between fake sneezing so I realize how "sick" she is and "crying" that she "can't feel better, Mommy." My children are a mystery! :)

Since we're doing a fair share of tv and movie watching this week, I thought it's high time I share my thoughts on it.

Today's battle involves the two largest children's television moguls. Disney Channel vs Nickelodeon. We'll only be discussing the "Junior" portions, as my kids aren't old enough/allowed to watch the older kids shows. Nick has an entire channel called "Nick Jr." that is 100% commercial free and plays toddler/preschool age shows 24-7. Nick also plays a block of these shows on the regular Nickelodeon channel every morning. Disney only has a block (a LONG block) of Junior aged shows right now but the full Disney Jr. channel will be launching this winter.

If I had it my way, the tv would be on Disney Jr. shows all day. Until Timmy Time comes on, then I'd shut it off entirely. (ANNOYING.) I find the Disney shows so much less irritating. Also I feel they are more educational. The music is better, the transitions between shows isn't annoying and I enjoy the characters.

Plus, here's a secret. I kinda hate Dora. A LOT. Which means I don't really like Nick. I think she's the stereotypical over achiever fakely nice chick we all went to high school. So perky and perfect all the time and never a bad day. DISLIKE. Everyone gets cranky. They need to write an episode called "Dora has a Bad Day." I'd pay money to see that. And this new teenage Dora?? WEIRD. Not entertaining. Just plain strange. I try to avoid suffering through 22 mins of Dora's craziness but Rory loves it. I appreciate the skills Dora teaches but man I can't stand that broad.

Dora. Gag.

I think it's important to note one huge, glaring difference between the channels. Disney has NO commercials. No toy commercials, no baby dolls begging to be bought, nothing. Occasionally there's an ad for a company that's sponsoring a show but it's never a full on commercial. Just this morning, Rory has screamed I NEED THAT! five times during two episodes of Dora. She's two years old. She doesn't "need" anything except 3 meals a day, a glass of juice and an M&M after going "potty." Nick, you're making me angry with these commercials. (The dedicated Nick Jr. channel doesn't have commercials, but they don't play the little Mexican she-devil in the mornings.)

I find so many Nick shows annoying. Jack's Big Music Show? Gag. Diego? Homeboy is Dora's cousin. Two thumbs way down. Umizoomi annoys me. Yo Gabba Gabba is like TORTURE.

Yo Gabba Gabba. Equivalent to Chinese Water Torture.

I will say I enjoy the Fresh Beat Band and Bubble Guppies. Both are super cute, catchy tunes and lack severely annoying characters. (Although Twist from the Fresh Beats? I've got my eye on you. Shape up!) The dancing in the FBB is infectious in a good way and the Bubble Guppies are so stinking cute it's unreal. But for the most part? Nick gets like 2 stars for overall children's programming.

Fresh Beat Band! We had a great day, it was a super way...

Now. Disney Jr on the other hand...Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?! Fantastic.

Handy Manny? Adorable.

(Handy Manny, voiced by Wilmer Valdarama)

Little Einsteins, Chuggington, Jungle Junction are all great and educational. (Little Einsteins wins most educational, though. Always featuring classical music, composers and works of art. AWESOME.) Jake and the Never Land Pirates is my new fave.

I love the new take on team work and learning to get along the show puts out. Fantastic writing on Jake as well. There are some loser shows though. I really can't stand Timmy Time. That's the worst of all the kids shows I think, tied with Yo Gabba Gabba. I also don't like Tinga Tinga Tales or Babar. I think they missed the mark with both of those shows. But I won't old it against the overall Disney Channel rating because I haven't noticed them on the programming schedule in a loooong time. Overall rating? 4 stars.


Neely said...

Yo gabba gabba frightens me ....a lot

RAY J said...

We stick to PBS and their 24hr channel Sprout - regular Nick and Disney don't seem to have a very long "junior" block and the 24hr versions have shows I'm not exactly fond of either (no Dora please, and Yo Gabba Gabba is like a freaky acid trip - I'd fall asleep in college with the TV on Nick and Nite and wake up in the morning to Yo Gabba Gabba on, freaked me out! lol...).

I actually just posted about Sprout on my blog the other day too - I LOVE it as does my son. There's a few shows I can't stand (Angelina Ballerina and DirtGirlWorld) but fortunately he's not really into those either, he mainly loves the shows with puppets or shows with quite a bit of songs in em, lol...

Lacey said...

I could have basically written this entire blog! We watch a lot of our cartoons onDemand because that way we get to pick what we watch and when. Bubble Guppies is the about the ONLY thing that we watch from Nick Jr. We do occasionally watch Diego on our Netflix but only when I'm trying to do dishes so I don't care what's on! :) We are total Disney Junior people too! I didn't know they were launching an entire channel though. That is SUPER exciting.

LWLH said...

Watching Yo Gabba Gabba makes me want to stab my own eyeballs out.