Monday, September 12, 2011

A Rory and Trace Update

I realize it's been an awfully long time since I gave a good update on my kiddos. Since I tend to forget things about ten minutes after they happen, I better record these memories somewhere. :)

Age: 2 years, 5 months
Height: Approximately 33 inches
Weight: 26 pounds
Eyes: Still green-gray. Gorgeous color!
Hair: Medium brown with curls on the end. It actually looks like big girl hair, not baby hair!
Shoe size: 6, 7 or 8. Depends on the shoe.
Pants: 24 months mostly, some 2t
Shirts: 2t, some 3t. She has long arms!

Favorites: (I asked her all these questions and these are her real answers)
TV Show: Dora the Explorer
Song: Did You See Where the Cat Threw Up? (Yes, it's a real song!)
Movie: The Princess and the Frog
Food: Chicken nuggets, carrots and cheese shaped like Mickey Mouse.
Color: Purple
Thing to Do: Dance, color, watch Princess and the Frog

Rory Lately:
She has started dance class. It's an adventure to say the least...ha!
Rory has basically potty trained herself. She still wears a diaper during nap and overnight and wears pull ups when we are in the car/at the store/etc, but when we are at home/studio/houses, she wears underwear and uses the potty extremely successfully. CRAZY. :)
Rory is really into reading right now. She loves to look at books for hours. She's also loving puzzles!
Olivia has become a recent favorite tv show. I am hoping Olivia dethrones Dora as the queen of Rory's heart, because I'm at my Dora limit.
Rory speaks in complete and complicated sentences constantly. She always has stories to tell and things to talk about. She'll talk your ear off.
Rory has lately started playing with her brother, not just playing beside him. It's adorable.


Age: 10.5 months
Height: Approximately 26 inches. He's too wiggly for me to measure! :)
Weight: 22 pounds
Eyes: Green-blue-gray. They are headed to green.
Hair: BLONDE! And finally starting to come in.
Shoe size: 4 or 5. He's got a fat little foot. :)
Pants: 9-12 months
Shirts: 12 months

TV Show: He goes bananas for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Song: The Hot Dog Dance from MMCH
Movie: I'm not sure he has a preference right now. We watch a lot of princess movies.
Food: Gerber Puffs, Carrots, Peas, Applesauce and Toast.
Color: He really doesn't know what colors are...
Thing to Do: Eat, Crawl, Put things in his mouth that don't belong there, pull the dog's tail.

Trace Lately:
He has recently become attached to a stuffed dalmatian a former student's brother gave him. (That boy is also named Trace! :))
Trace is obsessed with his Daddy. He goes crazy when he sees or hears him.
He wants to do/eat/drink everything his sister does. This presents a problem!
He still has acid reflux, takes Zantac twice a day. He's on soy formula still. Soon we will have to try him on cow's milk and off the zantac. I am very scared for this time!
His birthday is next month! (AHH!) We're having a golf themed party. :) Trace will also be baptized that day.


Kelly said...

Aww, Kate. You and Dave made two cute kiddos!! Just adorable :-D Funny that Rory and Trace are almost the same weight! Hope you had a great weekend :-)

Laura said...

Siblings learning to play together is one of the best things ever! So cute and silly.

Genelle said...

I understand your worry about switching Trace to cow's milk. I had that same worry with Evan (although his case wasn't as serious as Trace's - You are a ROCK STAR for managing it so well!). We did goat milk for awhile, but it was REALLY expensive! I did some research this past spring and learned that people with cow milk allergies/sensitivities often handle raw milk better than pasteurized milk because the process of pasteurization kills the enzymes in the milk that make it easier to digest. I was worried about the safety of raw milk, but I learned that there is safe raw milk out there. The cows have to be raised and milked with the intent for the milk to be consumed raw. There are safe practices for feeding, lodging the animals, milking, etc. that help ensure raw milk safety. Milk that is intended for pasteurization comes from cows that aren't handled with the same safe practices and that milk can be contaminated with harmful organisms and bacteria. We've been drinking raw milk at our house since March and are complete and total converts! Evan does not react to it in any way and his digestion has gotten so much better! Just thought I'd throw that out there in case you want to research options in case he doesn't tolerate pasteurized milk. Oh, and it is legal to obtain raw milk in Pennsylvania. Some states have banned it for sale (They say it is for safety reasons, but in reality it is mostly financially driven.) but your state is not one of them.

Neely said...

You know I love me some Rory and Trace updates! They are presh and I wish I could meet y'all in person! I too go bananas for mickey mouse clubhouse(no not really)

Amber said...

Sweetest babies ever! I love Rory's answers too. The cat threw up answer had me cracking up!