Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The One Where The Heater Breaks


My dance studio is on the second floor of a huge, old building in my town. It used to be a department store and I have the entire second floor. The first floor houses an eye doctor, run by my landlord and the top floor I rent as storage and a scene shop. It's a wonderful set up, but the building is OLD. O. L. D.

I'm also super blessed with a fantastic landlord. Her daughter used to dance with me and she's just plain great.


The building is old (remember?) and it has it's issues. The roof leaks hardcore. The electrical wiring isn't the greatest. The floors creak and there are straight pins in the cracks in the one dance room from when they used to do all the tailoring in that area of the department store. Nothing too big of an issue and all certainly dealable, because the space is much bigger than any other place we could find in town.

Tonight the heat went out.

In Pennsylvania.

In January.


The big heater just stopped working. This heater heats my office, the changing room, the bathroom, the lobby, the senior assistants' "lounge" and our large dance room. All freeeeeeeeeeezing cold. Thankfully, the small dance room has it's own heater so that room is usable. I had to cancel 2 classes tonight and will have to cancel 3 more tomorrow. UGHHH.

Say a prayer, please, that it gets fixed quickly. I need that heat. I have too many little kids and they can't be freezing cold. Someone will get sick. Someone will get hurt. We have too much to do!!


Melissa said...

BRRRR! Sorry that happened! Hope it's fixed quickly!

P.S. your dance studio set-up sounds cool! :)

Neely said...

Oh gosh praying for yall!