Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 in 2011 Blog Challenge

I *love* these multi day blog challenges. They give me something to blog about each day without having to think about it. Nice for a tired mama like me! Kit @ A Step Into My Life is hosting this fun one! It just started today, so there's plenty of time to join in. (Thanks Neels for posting this! :))

Today's theme...New Year's Resolution

In sticking with the theme of 11 in 2011, I'll make 11 resolutions.

1. Lose weight! The most common NYR ever, but it's true for me this year. I'm done having babies and I want to be smoking again. (haha how's that for a little blogbragging?? :)) I like myself so much better when I can wear clothes I feel comfortable in but most importantly, I want to DANCE.

2. Cook dinner at least 4 nights a week. This is hard for me with my weird work hours, but I can do it!

3. Increase my savings.

4. Relax and enjoy our Florida trip for Lisa's wedding and not put expectations on the kids when we are traveling...aka be less Type-A about it!

5. Take my time choreographing Fix You.

6. Read 5 Classic books I have never read before.

7. Speak Spanish to Rory and Trace every day, even if it's just manner words.

8. Write a novella or a children's book.

9. Learn to cook seafood.

10. Add 20 new dinner recipes to my repertoire.

11. Stage the Nut-Tapper!


Kit said...

What awesome resolutions!

Thanks for linking up!

Happy New Years!

Neely said...

Love these!

star said...

Great resolutions! Good luck!
Are you and your husband a fluent in spanish? Im asking because I am but my husband doesn't speak spanish. When we have children, I want to teach them spanish and I was wondering how difficult that would be with only one spanish speaking parent!? Love your blog, now following!

Anonymous said...

I love that you made 11 resolutions!!

Thanks for linking up :)

Happy 2011

Anonymous said...

Great resolutions! I need to put number 10 on my list!

Kelly said...

First off-- I thought you wrote "smoking" as in smoking cigarettes! I was all, that doesn't sound like Kate?? But I got it quickly after-- best of luck becoming smoking HOT! ;-)

I too want to read classics that I haven't had the chance to yet-- what are you starting on?

Also, you write the children's book and I'll illustrate, okay? Deal! ;-) And PUHLEASE tell me that the "Nut-Tapper" is the Nutcracker choreographed in TAP?? I'd sooo fly over to PA to see that-- and you too of course, hehe ;-)