Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A few letters

Yesterday, Trace had to go to the doctor. He has a little upper respiratory infection and I needed to know what to do about his constant coughing. He clearly doesn't know how to be productive with his coughing, and he repeats this cycle all day: fine, cry, sniff for a long time, cough forever, gag, cry, repeat. Over and over.

Our (wonderful and amazing) PA spent a long time with us, figuring out what to do best. I hate to jump right to medicine, but that's what we have to do. (Combined with constantly running his humidifier, sucking out his nose every few hours and about 10 other things to help his symptoms.) Fine, okay. If Trace feels better, that's all that matters. Right? Right!

After leaving the doctor, we headed to Wal-Mart to get his prescription. While there, I was pretty ticked by the behavior of some of the people in the areas we were at. A few open letters...

Dear Woman at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy Yesterday,

I was speaking with the pharmacist, not you. I didn't appreciate the heavy sigh and the eye rolling you sent in my direction when you heard my son was only 11 weeks old and on his second prescription. My son is sick and I'm going to do whatever it takes to make him feel better. I apologize that this apparently offended you, but mind your own business. I'm sure your children are perfect and therefore never get sick. Mine aren't and they do get sick. I certainly hope the disapproving looks you were giving me, the sighing and the general nastiness that was oozing out of your eyes in my direction aren't picked up on by the adorable little boy that was sitting in your cart.

Thank you,
A very tired mother of two who just wanted her kid's medicine for which she waited an hour and a half.

Dear Family in the Baby Aisle at Wal-Mart,

Yes. Trace drinks formula. Stop looking at me like I am alien. I am not crazy, I am not a bad mother. Trace is perfectly healthy...he weighs 14 pounds already for goodness sake. I can't do anything about the fact that my kids have to be on formula. You can take that one up with God, because He's the one who decided that fact. Get over yourself. We use formula and disposable diapers. We vaccinate. My kids also cry it out and sleep in their own crib. Does that make me a bad mother? Get a life. Of course not. I'm not judging you because you make different choices than me so PLEASE stop making me feel inferior. I'm raising my own kids the way I think is best for them and for our family. It wouldn't work for you, regardless of either of our choices, because we are different families made up of different people with different needs. Stop rolling your eyes and nudging your husband. I see that smirk.

Thank you,
A mother who is just trying to survive this insane time in her life

Dear Retired Couple at Burger King,
I'm not sure you realize how awesome you are. I was at my wit's end by the time I got to Burger King. I was facing another hour wait for the stupid medicine and I had two hungry, tired, crying kids with me. Thank you for holding the door, grabbing Rory's cup when she dropped it twice on the way to the table and helping get Rory situated in her seat while I got the baby's bottle. Taking an almost 3 month old and an almost 2 year old everywhere gets hard and frustrating and your kindness made my entire day better. It's clear to me that you have kids and grandkids and I know you are fantastic parents/grandparents. You helped out a tired mama when you didn't have to and blessed my entire day! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I hope you enjoyed your lunch.

Thank you a million times,
A mom whom needed a huge cup of coffee with two kids whom needed lunch

Dear Rory and Trace,
When people are just plain rude as we experienced at Wal-Mart yesterday, don't worry about it. God will put people in your path that will remind you of the good, no make that great, people out there. You must try every day to be the kind, good people like the older couple we met yesterday. Hold the door for people, let someone go in front of you in line, bring someone a napkin when you see they have their hands full, help an older woman carry her tray...and those are just things you can do at a fast food restaurant! Remember, my little chickens, God wants us to be examples of His love. Live your life to help others before you help yourselves. Don't be quick to judge, quick to anger or quick to laugh at someone. You aren't better than anyone and you don't know their situations. Help when you can, especially when you aren't asked, and live a life of kindness.
Love you lots,
Your Mom, whom is just trying to make the best life she can for you.

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Laura said...

(Your "post a comment" link is really light and I almost couldn't find it.)

Next time you are buying formula and you see someone giving you looks just throw your hands up in the air and be all "Is there not any other way to feed a newborn! This forumla stuff is sooooo expensive. And, ohmygosh! It must be just soooo awful for them to. Poor little bodies. Wish there was another way. Too bad formula is the only thing."

Or is someone ever gives you a hard time about breastfeeding just act really stupid like "Wow! You BOOBS actually have MILK! And you let your BABY suck on your boob!? That's DISGUSTING!"

It will at least throw people off. I believe that sometimes extreme sarcasm is necessary. :)

Want to write about any of this on Girl Talk for us? Would be nice to have a formula feeding mom share how some make her feel for a decision that she didn't really have a choice in. I think you could write that well without yelling at everyone. I believe you could do it peacefully and give others something to think about. Let me know.

YOU ARE AN AWESOME MOM! And hooray for awesome old couples!