Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trace's Nursery

Trace's nursery. Ho hum. It is not done.

Correction! It is not even STARTED. We are doing a Penn State theme, which is Dave's alma mater as well as most the men in my family. Penn State football is a big thing for us and it's a cute idea. Wonderful. Easy, actually. Navy and blue are nice colors for boys, there's plenty of Penn State decorations out there.

But. There are none that I like.

Picky picky picky, I know!! I can't find crib bedding I like, and I personally think crib bedding is kind of ridiculous. We literally had Rory's Winnie the Pooh stuff on for 1.5 months before she started scooting in to it and it had to come off. Sure the bed skirt was nice but every time I changed her sheet, it fell off. So I am not ordering fancy crib bedding for Mr. Trace. I have instead found several sheets I like, different shades of blue. One is super cute, light blue and white stripes, which will help brighten up the room nicely. That's wonderful, but I keep putzing around and not actually ORDERING any of it.

Until tonight. I just ordered a woven blanket to hang on the wall as art work and am about to order all the sheets for his crib. I can't find this one window valance I like, but I found a good alternative. BAM. Ordering that sucker. I'd like to find a lamp, a diaper hanger, some blue and white canvas bins, a Nittany Lion mobile, a stuffed Lion for in his crib. I need to get some wall art. I'm going to have one of my former students who is an incredible artist paint a lion for me then frame it. I'll surround it with pictures I have taken of Beaver Stadium and ones my Aunt has taken as well.

Any other suggestions for not too grown up but not "BABY!" stuff we could put in his room? We do NOT do wall paper in this house, after spending 2 weeks pulling it off Rory's rooms walls. Maybe something with a jersey? Thoughts? Help?!

Being pregnant makes me picky and impatient. I don't like that about myself!!

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Laura said...

My mom actually made Penn State decorations for the room at home that used to be the Tony and Dave shared. I thought they looked nice. You should talk to her. If you can't find a lamp you can always cover a generic one. You can find Penn State fabric at craft stores.

And you are right about expensive crib bedding!