Thursday, September 23, 2010

Counting my blessings.

I'm super crabby today and I don't mean to be. I don't WANT to be, I should say. I am choosing to reform my attitude right now. I woke up super early and frustrated, because I had to pee and it hurt like nobody's business to get out of bed. To a pregnant woman, that's like asking me to run a marathon. In high heels. Just let me spring out of bed, hit the bathroom and get back in bed and fall asleep easily. :)

I'm choosing to count my blessings and remind myself that this time of my life came to pass not to stay, thank God. One more blink and Trace will be here, two blinks and it's Christmas then bam Rory's two...time marches on.

1) I'm really thankful that Rory likes to dance and groove to the music. We listen to Christian music on the tv every morning and she dances around and around the living room. She loves to watch herself in the mirror. (No CLUE where she got that...hehe) She waits for me to watch her then wants applause at the end. It's my favorite time of the day.

2) On that same subject, Rory is currently putting away her toys without anyone telling her to. She just put a piece of toast left over from breakfast on a plate from her Tea Set and is now putting the rest of the tea set away. Who is this child?!

3) I'm thankful today is Thursday and if I feel as awful at dance tonight as I did last night, I can leave.

4) God blessed me BIG TIME when Elizabeth moved to town. She and my mom have been life savers through out this pregnancy. (And my 5 senior assistants too, by the way.)

5) It rained yesterday and that always helps spark my creativity.

6) Rory and I are going to go to the studio this morning so I can get some work done. I'm thankful she's content with her toys and bug car up there.

7) I'm thankful for $5 baby days at Old Navy. It really helped me fill out Rory's fall/winter wardrobe for not a lot of money. That's a relief!

8) I am thankful that in a month and a few days, I can drink ALL THE COFFEE I WANT!!!!!!!

9) The Office starts tonight!! It's hands down my favorite sitcom of all time. (Favorite show all together, though, is Gilmore Girls.) It's such a mindless half hour of laughing and it conveniently comes at the end of my teaching week.

10) I'm thankful that Glee is doing all BRITNEY next week!! I can't help it, I love her music. (Note the use of the word music and not her)

11) I'm thankful that the holidays are coming up soon and I will get to see my sister a lot. I miss her. I don't have a lot of friends anymore and my sister is the best one I could ask for.

12) (These seem to come in sets of two) I'm thankful that my parents are fantastic and have never ONCE made me and Dave feel pressured or stressed about where to go on each holiday. His parents are great at this too, I should mention! No one gets upset or jealous and it's such a relief. We usually go wherever the most family is coming in for. Easy. This year, we're doing Thanksgiving at my Aunt's, mainly out of convenience of having a one month old. She's 5 minutes from my house. :) Christmas dinner will probably be at his family, usually is. See. Easy. No stress!

13) I'm thankful my dad is coming over on Saturday to help tear the border down in the nursery, sand the walls and fill the holes so on Sunday, mom and I can paint the nursery finally. This kid is coming SOON and has no where to sleep yet. :( (Mainly because we haven't set up his crib. hahaha)

14) I am thankful for Dave. <3

15) Mostly, I am thankful that at the end of the day tonight, I can check off one more day. I am that much closer to being done being pregnant. One day closer to actually having our little man here. I'm looking forward to sleepless nights, because those quiet, late night moments are when I first bonded with Rory. I can't wait. <3


Unknown said...

There's definitely a lot of things to be thankful for! Thanks for reminding me that The Office is on tonight. Totally forgot what day it was lol And I CAN'T WAIT for Brit on GLEE, either!!!!

I feel 'ya on getting up to pee. It's sooo hard! I never thought it was actually going to hurt and be such a task to do so, but it is! Have a great rest of the week :)

Neely said...

Oh honey stay positive. I imagine thats so hard to do but you are in the right mindset ....prayers are with you :)

Laura said...

Just in case you didn't know... Tony, Grace and Caleb will be up over Thanksgiving. Not to put pressure on about where you need to have Thanksgiving though... They will be here for a week I think. We'll be up during that time. :)