Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm FUMING on this Friday.

I am so upset today. I am blaming my inner rage on being pregnant, because usually I don't sweat the small stuff. I'm pretty good at taking it in stride and just dealing with stuff. But I need to vent, so here we go.

1) To ALL sports coaches. I strive to make my dance studio athlete friendly. Could you please put forth ANY effort whatsoever to be dancer friendly? I excuse absences, I support my dancers' teams, I ask questions about how things are going, console upset kids who didn't make the team, discuss strategy for beating a tough opponent...and I know NOTHING about soccer or volleyball or basketball. Seriously, nothing. Football, sure, but other sports? No way. I do my best though because I am a teacher because I like KIDS. It is incredibly rude of you to tell my students that dance should come last and that it's not nearly as important as whatever sport you are coaching. Sure, it might seem that way to you but keep your mouth SHUT. A kid can have lots of interests and there's absolutely no reason why we can't all work together. I'm not asking you to allow your players to miss every practice or play in a game when they haven't been at practice. I'm not stupid, I get it. Dance runs all year, so of course there's more opportunity to catch up. I'm just asking that you a) do not bad mouth ME or dance in front of your players b) be understanding when competition and recital season roll around and c) just be a nice human being who supports KIDS versus needing that perfect record. Get a grip. We live in the middle of the forest. These kids are fantastic people, but don't put expectations on them.

2) I am so upset! My daycare has 7 full time babies now and that means Rory can't drop in as often anymore. :( Fantastic for them but sad for us! I was hoping to get her going every Tues and Thurs from now until Thanksgiving and then add Trace one day a week after that. So sad!! I am hunting for other options but I will still be using our daycare when I can. They were really understanding about Rory's mommy issues and she always comes home happy and worn out. Best way to pick up a kid for sure! :)

3) I finally got the last costume book in that I have been waiting for. I order the bulk of my costumes each year from this company. I would say of the 400+ costumes I order a year, 70% comes from this company! They are the best. Well priced, amazing customer service, etc etc etc. Well usually my catalog comes well before Labor Day. It didn't come until YESTERDAY because someone took the first copy out of my mailbox. My customer service rep assured me when I called 2 weeks ago that it had been mailed out and should arrive in a day or two at the latest. Fine, I get that. My last name starts with a U and my studio is an "S" so sure, that could be in the last batch of mailing. Nope. It never showed up. I called again on Monday and they rushed it to me. Trust me, they don't want to lose my *large* order!
I am so ticked though! Who would take it out of my mailbox?! It comes in a grey mailing envelope from UPS. It's not like flashy or looks like a check or something that would make you think WOW I WANT TO STEAL THAT! Ugh. People are so dumb sometimes.

4) I am awfully mad at my body right now. I'm feeling fantastic every morning, ready to move and groove as needed. But by 2:00 pm, I am dead. Every muscle from my stomach down is aching. Want to guess what time my work day starts? 2:30. Figures! I am just ready. to. give. birth. :)

You know what. I'm feeling a little better already. Have a good weekend, friends. I am going to the Cheesecake Factory tomorrow so I know my weekend will be great. I've been craving the peanut chicken pasta since FEBRUARY. :)

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Kelly said...

Awww, glad you feel MUCH better after ranting-- don't we all?? Hope you have a GREAT weekend and you enjoy that Cheesecake Factory!!